MSFS unstable with addons

It’s just me or MSFS becames unstable after some use with lots of addons installed?

I have about 30 to 50 addons installed in the community folder. All of them worked fine…

But suddenly after some normal sessions MSFS starts to take a lot of time to start and makes constants CTDs.

I remove all the addons, MSFS runs smoothly and fine…

Installed back all addons and works fine for a few sessions… And then… Al over again, a lot of time to start and CTDs.

I have made this process a least 3 times. Not yet determined the amount of time between the problem arouses again, but I think is between 20 to 30 hours of use

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i had this issue too. i know you have a lot of addons but you have to find out which one makes this issue. Somethimes i had to update some addons or delete and and then it works fine.

When MSFS get updated and some addons not, this causes issues like CTDs

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Me too. I read another thread here someplace that stated something to the effect that the developers might have installed an update on Friday that creates issues for some add-ons.
I have been able to create/remove a repeatable CTD by simply adding/removing the Rotura, NZ airport add-on. I have a few aircraft mod add-ons that seem to be unaffected.

So, I don’t plan to use my airport add-ons again until after the next major update later this week. I am hoping for the best!

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There is an issue right now with a new push of Bing World Data that is causing CTD’s on some add-ons and marketplace downloads.

See this topic:


This explains my issues iv been having since this morning then

The same for me. I have CTD since I installed EBBR from Justsim. I informed Justsim.

This is because Asobo are doing stealth updates to the sim which are causing some addons to become incompatible, without issuing any patch notes or telling anyone.

Ya know how windows firewall will ask you if its ok to allow an app through…and every time that app is updated it’ll ask again…how many times have you been asked to allow MSFS again recently?

Asobo is NOT doing stealth updates mate.
It’s something on the Azure backend (where the bing data comes from). The cloud services can have changes, the sim itself will not get ‘ninja-patched’ without you knowing.

Stop stating things as fact if you have no clue what’s going on.


As an Airliner Sim Pilot the only passenger plane any good in this sim is FlybyWire 320 mod plane. The closest thing to study level. Only had that Mod and liveries in the Community folder. I think it is one or some of my OFFICIAL purchased airports in Marketplace that is casuing the new crashes since the last update.

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I use the FBW mod too, flown around 5000 miles today and had no crash, but i have only one airport out of marketplace and no addon for scenery or other airports.

I would agree and also add the CJ4 working title mod as well, I have no issues with both mods in play currently.

My new crashes are caused by one of the airports I added since the last update. Moderator please do not block the product mention I am about to do because I am trying to solve the problem.

KIAD, KSDF and WSSS are the last three airports I have added out of the Martket place which may be the CTD casue. All other airports and freeware addons worked fine before and after


Geez we have one thread where someone says Asobo is TOO public about what they’re doing and another where someone says they’re doing “stealth updates.” :man_shrugging:

You are in a category you can discuss it. Also, we are allowing one category in Bugs to discuss the add-ons due to it not being the add-on but rather MSFS Bing Data. :wink:

Who said Asobo is too public and what planet are they living on?

Hey Hester40MT,
Thanks for corroborating this issue and explaining the cause!

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I try not to add any add-on’s, and if I do it’s normally just to test. I never have more then 2-3 installed at a time. This game is so unstable now, I don’t want to make it worse. When things mature I’ll look into mods but for now I think they may do more harm then good.

I agree, but the fact is that I payed a “mature” amount of money for a supposed and advertised “mature” piece of software… Not for a unstable one…

Oh I agree completely, the current state is sad and our money is gone.

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yes, totally is, I first discovered this when installing manchester EGCC from macco. Its wasnt that particular scenery file that made it CTD it was a combination of that and another one with conflicting file names, once they created uniquw file names it wasnt an issue.

MS and asobo know this and have told the devs too i believe.

They need to make this their top priority, the more addons you have the more likely it will happen.