MSFS Update - 7k download on Steam today

Been playing almost every day and was up-to-date.

Just launched Steam, and got a 7kb download to MSFS, which surprised me a little. Not expecting today’s Hotfix until later on (9am PST = 5pm UKT).

Nothing on my end. And 7kb is most likely a small registry update from steam of some sort. Not a lot of useful data can be stored in 7kb nowadays

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Is the hotfix confirmed fo today?

Yes, it was announced in yesterday’s dev update that it’s due for release today at 9am PST


Here we go again. Tried to run MSFS but redirected to Microsoft Store where no update is available so back in the stupid loop again. Try again tomorrow.

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Good news, cant wait!

Hotfix will be at 8 am Pacific time and larger than 7 KB

If in fact it is some registry update then @MysticKite needs to reboot their computer. In terms of registry data being added it is only valid upon rebooting the machine. Just saying. :wink:

Actually, it depends what the registry update is… But anyway, never does any harm to restart PC.

Yep! And if I can get the updates (it always seems to be 120+ GB) it takes me almost 24 hours to down load them. I spend more time downloading update than flying!


I got this very small update few days ago. But no one else mentioned anyhing or even noticed.

Google this. I’ve had the same. Something with Xbox app in Windows…

There’s typically a small update to the game file, followed by a larger update in game (at least this is the case on the MS store). I believe it’s a versioning change to alert the in-game update of an update request. I’m not technical, but this always feels like the process.

Version 1.19.9 as of today.
Just under 600mb in-game size

Looked for and downloaded 495mb in the MS Store first

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