MSFS "Video Theater"?

Is this the best place to post videos created using MSFS 2020? Or is there some kind of library or repository/website/index of them somewhere? I’m not talking about “how to” videos, but “adventure/experience” videos mostly for entertainment.

I really appreciate the effort and skills people put into making these videos and find them both entertaining and educational. I was just wondering if there is a better starting point than this thread. Of course there’s always searching of YouTube but that is time consuming and hit-n-miss and don’t always catch the latest unless you subscribe to every creator.

After watching many of these videos I feel that there should be some kind of “club” dedicated to them, and awards given! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m Video / Film Maker on flight simulator and I asked Admins if it’s possible to create 3 subcategories. One for tutorials, one for presentations and one for movies.
it’s a real mess, it’s hard to sort out the good videos and the quick video captures …

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Good idea to separate instructional from entertainment. What would you consider the difference between a presentation and a movie?

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