[POSTING RULES] Content Creators

Content Creator Posting Rules

If you are a Youtuber or Streamer, this section is for you! This new section is where you can post your MSFS-related videos on the forums.

Grow your community:

Either you have a well-established community, or you would like to create your own channel, this place is meant for sharing a same passion, knowledge and have fun through Microsoft Flight Simulator. We encourage everyone to share their videos and give advices to each other.

  1. You will only be able to post if you are a Regular User (Trust Level 2). Check your Trust Level by viewing your profile. “Active Member” means you are TL2. To see requirements for advancing Trust Levels, click here.

  2. Posts must be about your content only.

  3. Content must be related to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  4. Spamming rules still apply. You may post when you have new videos out, but please do not post the same video more than once.

  5. Respect all content creators in this sub-forum. Do not post your content in their threads and remember we are all a part of the same community.

  6. “Live now” posts are not allowed. Posting VODs of your video is okay.

  7. Titles to your posts here must describe what your video is about and follows the regular Title rules from the Code of Conduct.

Posting Layout

If you want users to be able to subscribe to you to receive updates, the best solution would be to create one thread and post your new videos to that thread. This way those who are interested will be able to subscribe to receive notifications to that topic.

Subscribe to Forum Notifications

  1. Navigate to the Content Creators category
  2. Click on the bell icon and choose:
Option Notifications
Watching - New Topics
- Replies to the Topics
- If someone mentions your @name
Watching First Post - New Topics
- If someone mentions your @name

Posting your Video Outside of this Section

  1. Avoid advertising your video on other threads unless the Author gives you permission. If you believe your video will be helpful for someone else (for example, troubleshooting issues, 3rd party review), simply ask the Author of the thread and then link them to the post here where your video lives.

  2. If you are a 3rd Party Developer (Official or Forum Trusted), you can use the 3rd Party Add-on Discussion section if promoting your product.