MSFS wants to set up my profile again

I just completed a flight. As is my custom, I close the sim neatly through exit to desktop then start it back up.

This time however, right after the cutscenes I am suddenly confronted with the menu music which I got rid of after the first 2000 hours. And a black screen. The suddenly I get the 5-page initial setup.

I check to see if my profile still exists and it does, all settings are intact and readable and MSFS created a lock file in it.

Get into the main menu, all settings have been erased including all controller settings. So I exit out and copy over a backup of my profile. And now I am once again stuck in the black loading screen.

What is going on here and how can I salvage my profile?

It’s because there’s an outage on XBox Live Gaming Services (which is the front end of the sim).

So… all I have to do is wait patiently?

If so, is that made clear somewhere obvious?

EDIT: Well, except that banner up there. :slight_smile:

I mean, it’s my local profile, is it not?

Banner atop the home page:

Big long thread:

Your proflle is stored in the Cloud. If it can’t get to it, it thinks yours is blank and starts the process accordingly.


Ah, ok. In that case I really hope I did not break anything. Setting that stuff up is a lot of work.

Thank you for the prompt answer.

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What’s it like now?

Well, looks like the outage did indeed break my profile, everything in the options has been reset. It does look like my controller profiles are still present though, so that is good. But having to tweak all my graphics settings again will be annoying.

EDIT: And my pilot profile is half gone? It states 1719 hours but no badges and some of the statistics are gone (zeroed) while others are still present.

EDIT2: In-flight stuff like plugin settings and Simbrief usernames are also gone.

EDIT3: As it turns out, my controller profiles are very old ones, so no luck there either.

Weird. It’s these partial wipes that I don’t get.

Just happened to me, been flying normally all week and connected this morning to enjoy a pleasant fly, nope, this stupid services keep screwing everything up, my whole 4 year profile with 7 control profiles is erased out of nowhere and is not coming back, this is so frustrating, why is this happening???

Control profiles are still available - change default profiles.

Same for me. ”Greated” with the setup. All controller bindnings and all other settings erased.
State of the sim is going south…

Known issue:

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