MSFS won't launch

Having problem with the sim. I’m more than tired of lunching the sim to make fly and the sim won’t working as it should be.

and of course it is french because i’m French.

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oh and by the way:

Hi @Orlysud ,

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Sry but in case you don’t have English language text, it’s hard to help exactly. Your motivation for help can be then translate text you have and then it can be chance that some one will help you better.


still having tooble.

and after folowing your idea to acces back to sim i have this:

It says ‘we can’t synchronise your data to the cloud at the moment’, which is an Xbox app error that others have seen. The second one is the ‘please insert the Microsoft Flight Simulator disc’ error which also happens when your Xbox cloud state is broken. Both suggest that the problem is OP’s Xbox cloud state and could be fixed by taking the usual troubleshooting steps for solving the ‘insert the disc’ error. Some useful stuff in this thread: MSFS2020 asks me to put in the MSFS Disk?!? - #21 by Hester40MT. Though by the last post it looks like OP is back in the game?

We might benefit from an auto-translate feature in the forums (that can also AI-translate text in images). Players from all over the world have their UI in their local language and it’s probably not reasonable to expect them to translate everything, even assuming that their level of English is up to it.


all my saved view as been gonne!!!
it’s totaly unaceptable

why when i do what is asked to do to reset sim, my view as gonne???
it’s totaly unnaceptable


Did you read my post? There is clear info about Topic and your problem, as I expected also without to have translation of your text. If you don’t have correct sync, what you want then to expect?

having same issue: sim WON’T start
having this issue:

so what i’m supposed to do to fly???