MSFS2020 Download/Update and Starlink Internet Service

I have good speeds with my Starlink internet connection. See screen snap of test. Also I have as a test downloaded the win10 iso (5.5Gb) in about 15 minutes. But I have trouble downloading the Updates and two purchases I made recently in the Market Place. These are mesh files from Orbx and total about 6 GB.

What happens is Azure times out. I can see the download proceeding normallly then there is a momentary pause in data coming from my Starlink Dish. Azure sees this as a failure and starts sending the file again (again and again!). Even though perhaps 10% of the file had successfully been transfered, Azure just starts over at 0%.

So my two purchases are in the content manager and Azure is sending them again and again and again. Due to the nature of Starlink’s service, momentary interuptions of data flow are built into the system, for example when the dish terminal switches to a new satellite which has moved into position over head.

Would someone from Microsoft Azure / Asbobo please look into this and change the timeout?

This also affects updates. See extensive discussion here:
Record Time for SU7 Update. 5 Days! - #6 by LarryJ2056

recommend attempting to use a VPN as a workaround, good bug report but I would not expect fast results

Hi @LarryJ2056,
I’ve moved your topic to #community:general-discussion-feedback as the #community:marketplace subcategory is for discussion of items in the marketplace, and not issues with it.

Thank you!

Thanks Plato, VPN has been recommended as a fix. I have Private Internet Access here but so far, it hasn’t solved my download problem.

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