MSFS2020 Still Crashes after hotfix1 and hotfix2 released on the 06/08/2021

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Seems to me that the Devs and whoever need to re-evaluate how they look for bugs before release. It doesn’t seem to start with the end user. They need to work backwards to find these bugs. Even the Alpha and Beta phase had similar issues. Something needs to be changed if we are going to stop the game breaking updates.

After hotfix 2 I am getting random CTD while (at cruise level or descending) using A320NX (latest dev version). Live traffic was turned off with live weather. Anyone got this?

Prior to Sim Update 5 I had no issues whatsoever. Right now regardless of what I’m flying or where within 5 minutes the game crashes to desktop. I can’t do any flying. I can’t do anything. The game will not remain open for any longer than 5 minutes. I don’t know what those guys did in this Sim Update 5 but it obviously isn’t working for PC. I will say this again and again, the moment they announced last year that this game was porting over to the Xbox I had my concerns and here you go. Honestly I would just abandon this platform and come back when we’re no longer paying for a beta release.

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its still ■■■■■■■ crashing asbo

Yes I have been experiencing random CTD during descent in A320NX after Hotfix2 I had AI Planes on with Live weather. I have flown the same route a few times now 2 successful 2 CTD both occurred around the same point in the descent was near or at the decel point so not sure if it is something to do with that transition that causes it.

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please check the message printed in windows event viewer. In case it contains somewhat with “grammar.p…” please report here: 100% reproducible CTD at specific coordinates for months [grammar.pggmod]

Nope the faulting module was the FligjtSimulator.exe itself no entry for grammar.pggmod I have a feeling it was the transition code from descent to approach that has an edge case that causes the CTD

Today, i had a successful flight on the same route which CTD on previous day.
I notice the GPU max out in external view at cruise level when volumetric cloud is set to ultra.
Reducing it to medium seems to keep GPU below 100%, not sure if that helps to avoid the CTD.

My graphics card is GTX 1660 super, perhaps the smoothness of the sim after SU5 tempt me to raise the sim settings that might have overloaded my GTX.

Hello fellow Pilots, hello Community,

My system:
i5 9600k at 5 Ghz OC
RTX 3070

I had CTDs after SU5. Sometimes the game and hole PC freezes and reboots. After i read some statements here that some people tried to undo their OCs on CPU i tried it myself. My CTDs occured always in flight. I had no issues at world map or in menus.

My CPU now runs at 4.6ghz stock clock speed and i limited frames to 30 fps.

I tested KJFK at 1440p ultra with stormy weather. No CTD this time in 30minutes. I have to try longer flights.

I think CPU OC was the problem and limiting fps helped also.

Believe me: 30 fps are fine! Not fps count…the stability and the frametime for smooth experience. Try it yourself! You can limit fps in nvidia driver settings for MSFS. If you own an nvidia card ofcourse.

Hope that helps someone.

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I have mainly crash to desktops if loading FBW320 in payware scenery.

Can load it in middle of pacific, no problems.

Also getting massive stutter issues for 60 seconds… or more.

AM very disappointed that before SU5 update everything was working nice.

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

this makes also sense, because all we know is now more load onto the CPU as former :slight_smile:

Thank you for your helpful technical advice on how to get a clean installation! Although at this stage I have not had a chance to try this simulator for Covid travel reasons on my new Series X I am surprised that Asobo has not released a PC and an Xbox clean installation tool !
As you know many software companies issue these tools to remove leftovers from windows software uninstalls!

Perhaps something for Jorg to request :thinking:

I underclocked my GPU (GTX1080ti) by -50 and so far I have not had a crash where it was virtually impossible to fly previously. (LIPB → LOWI - Orbx version). So there’s definitely something to the overclocking warnings we’ve been hearing with this update - and that’s even people who’ve never had a CTD in the past year since launch; however, this is a not a solution. A Commercial of the shelf software sim product (COTS) should be stable enough to be able to handle overclocked components. What happens if people don’t feel comfortable over/clocking their PC? What about full component and regression testing after such a big update?? We could wait until they got it right at least. It’s very unfair to their customers.

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Same here. CTD when loading from the World Map into the aircraft. Load progress reaches a little more than half, then crash. I first thought it was an issue of creating a flight plan in the World Map, but I just tried (several times) selecting an airport for departure, selecting Fly and the CTD occurs. Before this, I was able to complete a flight but since, no joy.

Some weak QA at ASOBO. I agree these updates should not be mandatory, allowing time for the community to vet them and also allow them to be rolled back in situations like this. Hopefully, a WELL-TESTED fix will roll out soon.

Did two flights with no problems yesterday using the CRJ550 and Longitude with FDE fix. This morning I tried again. CRJ550 was bugged and I couldn’t move the HUD. I had one CTD while using the World Map, and another CTD while taxiing with the Longitude. I also have multiple different hardware and software running with MSFS. It might be too much for the sim to handle at the moment. I am not OC my graphics card, I might have a slight OC on my CPU. (I am running a 2080ti with three 32in monitors each at 1440p). I have mostly ultra settings and resolution at 85%.

Honestly, I think MSFS/ASOBO team management needs to prioritize their tasks. I see them talking about the greatness of UPDATE VI. To me it looks like that they are not in control of the CTDs Situation. And what telling me saying that is that yes, they have been pro-active by releasing two-hotfix within a period of 10 days but never the less they are failed two hotfixes. To some of us it worsen the situation.

Having said that, I could be careless about UPDATE VI knowing that MSFS/ASOBO team management until today they have not solved the issue of CTDs. And I seriously doubt they found a solution because this issue of CTDs is an ongoing case since 2020 and I don’t see how Update VI will work without first resolving this issues and then release Update VI. They need to set up their priorities to FIX THIS PAID SOFTWARE.

We all paid for this software and we can’t use it at our free will because it systematically crashes, this is not a normal situation and unfair to all of us.

The strategy used by of MSFS/ASOBO team management towards the public on this major issue is a questionable borderline insult to our intelligence. Because to me it seems that they have forgotten that we are the customers here and not the test bed team.


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This morning flew a nice little IFR (RNAV) to Corsica from Italy in the Baron G58. All seemed wonderful and then Surprise…Screen froze…CTD.
Just as an off topic, I had uninstalled the G1000 NXi, still full of little bugs.

Thanks and all the best

The CTD situation gets more and more bizarre.
Before SU5 no CTDs (other then incompatible addons after WU Nordics)
After SU5 CTDs

  • after finishing flights returning to main menu, esp. after finishing activities from the menu
  • inside the world map
  • lately even when starting flights
  • after updating the CRJ from the content manager, CRJ is a notouriously special case when it comes to updates anyway

Asobo has exactly one priority right now, we can only hope they know that


I am really sorry to hear that, this is really unfair. And it got even more frustrating knowing that you can’t do anything and they just don’t reply to you it make it


Exact same experience here. No CTD before SU5, all your symptoms since then… I have gone back to flying in XP11 (oh the ugly weather/lighting, can’t unsee it anymore) until this gets fixed…