MSFS2020 Still Crashes after hotfix1 and hotfix2 released on the 06/08/2021

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This is not really an answer to fix the issue for you but you could try and narrow down what the cause may be by trying a different aircraft but at the same approach, or same aircraft but totally different geographic locate, or perhaps hand fly the approach if it happens when using autopilot for example.

At least this might narrow down under what situation this occurs and give you something a little more specific to feedback to the devs to isolate the route cause(s).

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Guys thank you for your replies. I just hope people will pay attention to this topic, regardless any thing it is the DUTY of Microsoft and Asobo to solve the issue of this paid software. Because none of us is supposed to go through this deep frustration.

At the same time and this the force of this community is to continue to help each others by staying pro-active as Blitzer3030 mentioned before. And I absolutely understand that many of us are tired of trying to fix their software issues without results because there is no more options…

Fluessen1 has a valid point too but to me that Xbox has 5 million people and PC 1.2 million people, we are still all customers who paid for certain product to work, and when it breaks they need to fix it and not at the expense of the community which is indirectly solving or trying to solve the issues that the flightsimers are facing when actually it is the job of Microsoft and Asobo to do that.

Flightsim is for fun and not to get frustrated,

Thank you


Hi Blitzer303,

So I did try to follow your procedure as precise as possible. I did not go to the BIOS because I have no idea how to do that. Not sure if the drivers where install correctly.

The sim now works to a certain extend, I did a clean installation. Unless I did it wrong but the sim doesn’t froze like before. it just systematically crashes to the desktop after a while.

Thank you for your support

Well firstly, good on you for giving it a try - I am just sorry the end result is not as favourable as would be preferred!

It might be worth taking a look at this link to the support pages, in particular I would have a look at the section ‘Conflicts (all versions)’, perhaps there is a piece of software listed there that runs on your PC, certainly some steps in there that are fairly straightforward to follow…

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Evening Blitzer303,

Thanks for the reply, appreciate the help. Will have to experiment with your suggestion. The only common aspect was the new G1000 NXi but I am unsure if that can be cause of the Sim freezing.

All the best,

Isn’t that free one available in the sim?
Either way, if it is in the community folder you could temporarily remove it from the folder and try the sim again.
Alternatively, if you have a number of add ons in the Community folder you could simply rename the folder and test the sim again. Not sure if you do this you would need to create an empty folder named Community.

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Does ur crash? I can’t even load into my plane without it crashing? I am very confused people are saying because of the major update like what do I do???

Few days ago I was able to flight 2 of 3 flights without crashing… but since then I cant fly any. In las vegas Im doing pushback and the game crashes to desktop and in Los Angeles I push fly… load a little bit and crashes… I can’t play the game

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Hi folks, sorry to ask but does anybody know whether the DVD retail version is still valid. Impossible to re-install the game after complete de-installment; it directly brings me to the Store, stating that the game is installed… Pushing Play results in endless Push Any Button cycles…

Sorry I am not knowledgeable enough to be able to help.

I followed the link, and know there is no crash in none VR mode. when VR mode is selected it crashes.

Same here bro I’m stuggeling just to load into the plane. I’ve tried the activities and they work but when I do a custom in the A320 it crashes

I have posted a thread on the main forum suggesting that many of the CTD / Freezing issues may be because of individual data corruption on the affected PCs caused by the hideous installation process of the updates and fixes. This would seem to support my hypothesis however for me (and many others) a complete reinstall would probably take over two days. Judging by the number of people however that have tried this approach and failed it would seem that scouring the PC for the remnants of the program left after uninstallation is a huge job that can easily miss things.

For me the program is unusable as if I attempt an IFR flight the game will freeze totally as I make my turn at the transition point on to the approach. This is 100% reproducible since SU5. If I fly VFR I can take off and land with only a slight freeze of 5 seconds or so as I taxi off the runway.

Before I take the plunge of a complete reinstallation I am prepared to wait on Asobo for their next announcement as it is such a huge commitment for me. What’s more, even if it works, what’s to say a data corruption won’t happen on the next update/hotfix?

This state of affairs even eclipses CCP’s notoriious “delete boot.ini” debacle in one of its updates to EVE Online back in 2007

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Hello everyone.
Users who encounter CTDs themselves after the Hotfix and seek help,
please use the following topic:

Note: I have moved this topic to #bugs-and-issues:ctds and added the vr tag,
as it seems that OP’s CTDs occure in VR mode.

A hotfix is coming soon, but I can not promise that this issue will be fixed:

I have to agree with everything you have said here. Your first paragraph is what happened to me I believe, as I completely wiped MSFS from my system, deleted all remaining files and folders, yet it still froze trying to load into airports. There must have been a file or folder I had missed for this to happen.

In the end I reinstalled Windows 10 and it worked. Now though everytime I load into an airport, I’m looking through my fingers at the progress bar, hoping it gets passed 55%. I have no idea if it is going to happen again even after the OS Reinstall.

I disagree with your last paragraph though. You have to take into account that Asobo have taken on one hell of a commitment to be the main developers of the biggest most advanced piece of software over the last 12 months. Who had heard of them before MSFS was announced to the world? They were a fairly small company, and Microsoft took a huge leap of faith in making them the sole developers.

While Asobo have a lot to learn, I believe this will only make them stronger as a company. They will change the way they communicate with the flightsim community, and I expect changes to the way they push out updates. I’m glad this has happened now, so early on in the development of MSFS.

Chris. :+1:

Someone mentioned the cloud save could be corrupted in which case no amount of reinstalling is going to fix that.

And I also wondered this, as when I reinstalled MSFS the first time after U5, it loaded all my settings from the cloud. I did ask the question if there was a way of deleting the cloud information stored under my account, but never got a reply. :thinking:

Guys just installed the new patch released yesterday…It is even worst it CTD just after it finishing loading and the main menu is displayed. HOTFIX 2 is a total failure for my computer,

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Hello Sir,

Thank you for your message and the hotfix2 did not yet fix the issue at all with my computer. In the contrary it CTD quicker than before.

Thank you to pass the message because I guess I am not the only one who is fade up with this on going issue that I hope it will be solved sooner than later.

Because since update 5 my Sim is Out Of Service. And I can’t enjoy it at all, it just frustrate me that I can’t find a solution for a paid product which is not working.

Sincerely Yours,


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Yes, I am still getting the same issues this so called hotfix fixed nothing … prior to the so-called big update I had no issues what so ever and now it’s problematic and no diff with this hotfix Microsoft please sort this … none of the 3rd party guys that write superb aircraft will support this sim if you keep stuffing things up… what started out to be a very very good sim is now turning into a nightmare for many… This Sim is very good … your updates just wreck things