Multi Player Flight Disappears

A buddy and I tried to play a few multiplayer flights and no matter how he sets it up “just group” "all players " He keeps disappearing and reappearing at different times during the flight.


I have the same problem

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Same issue it’s frustrating did work though when we joined same airport out of group

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I’m going to try a VPN closer to him to see if that helps

I’ve experience this too, along with two friends. We tried switching servers to solve it, with limited success.

I’d suggest you raise a bug report on ZenDesk.

Me too. Won’t ever bother reporting bug at zendesk as many many people are having the same issue.

same issues

Idem with potetos

It happened to mee too, but after 10 mn and changing the server it was ok…
I’m going to raise a ticket on zendesk also.

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my flying partners disappear when the planes get too close. I have also found that using imported liveries makes my aircraft invisible to my flying mates. has anyone else found this?

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There is a similar topic here for those that have issues not seeing multiplayers: