Multi-type home cockpit with 50" TVs

Hi all,

I’m taking delivery of three 50" TVs tomorrow and will be trying to fit them into a pretty cramped attic to make an immersive cockpit. (I think I’ve measured it correctly!)

The plan is to make this as versatile as possible, with interchangeable instrument panels to allow the use of a variety of aircraft types.

I’ve posted a video of my existing setup here:​​​​​​​

Hope you find it interesting :slight_smile:


I think you are going to find it a bit disappointing unfortunately.

At this time MSFS isn’t exactly good at multi-monitors … in fact it’s kinda bad.

There are no options for field of view or angle of the screens so at best you do three screens nearly flat across. Once you get your stretched and out washed out on the edges view you’ll notice issues with ground lights looking like beach balls from miles away and soft focus in the center of your screen at night.

The one saving grace for you is that you are using Track-Ir so the edge focus gets sort of hidden.

Many of us with multi monitor set up and even some with just ultra wide screen monitors are keen for a fix, please vote.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve heard that MSFS isn’t great for this kind of set-up. I will certainly vote to add multi-monitor support. I plan to test with X-Plane 11 and FSX as well, which I believe will provide better results, and I may need to stick to one TV for MSFS for now.

About where I am with it, as I said the Track-Ir kinda makes it livable.

Nice set-up. I really like TrackIR and I’m planning on using it for combat sims where looking up and behind is important, so I can live with continuing to use it for MSFS for a while longer.

If my brain could “unsee” the stretched screen we get by doing that in FS 2020 (I think it’s one of those things people don’t necessarily notice unless it’s pointed out to them??) I think I could get by perfectly well with your setup and a bit of panning. With those nice big screens, a little (panning) goes a long way. :slight_smile:

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While dismantling my existing setup I made a quick video on how I organised the connections on my G1000 suite so that I only need to unplug 4 connections to remove it, making it very simple to disconnect when not in use.

The video is here: