Multiplayer draw distance and server…

Hey all, new to the multiplayer environment.
Just curious how far out the Xbox Series X shows other (human player) planes.
Also, if I’m on the east coast server, does that mean I will only see players from that server?
Also, is there anyway to hear them? Like if they are landing at Atlanta and so am I, will I hear them if they are on the same frequency?
Thanks all…


Hi there, AlwaysOnADiet. To answer your question, currently there is a limit on the distance you can see AI traffic/players. I’m not sure about exact measurements, but this is something that’s being worked on and hopefully improved upon in the future. Furthermore, the server you connect to will allow you to see players all across the world. This is just for the sake of connecting you to the closest server near you for the best experience possible. For your second question, you would technically be able to hear any nearby AI or player interactions with ATC, so no need to worry about that below. I’ve kindly provided some links to topics that you might be interested in.

Thank you…
The reason I ask is because I will see a 747 ahead of me while flying a small Cessna and it hardly ever moves along the horizon. This makes me think is 100s of miles away since it is moving so slow across the horizon.

Not a problem. I love helping people. AI traffic, with due time, will eventually be improved by Asobo as they progress through the feedback snapchat, which you can find here. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask or shoot me a pm. I’m always willing to help.

This isn’t AI, it’s live multiplayer traffic. I can see the players gamer tag and then the plane and altitude.

Hm, I see. In this case, mostly the same issues apply to live players as well.

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