Multiplayer nameplate on/off key mapping

Loving the sim, and the multiplayer is great. I have one feature request: It would be nice to be able to bind a key to toggle the multiplayer nametags on/off. I like to fly with the tags off, but would sometimes like to quickly turn them on to check if any friends are nearby, or to locate other players quickly


This would help sooo much.
Everytime I want to see who is just in front of me on a taxiway I have to pause, menu, show nameplates… immersion breaker. And i don’t want to keep nameplates always on as it is an immersion breaker too.
Besides that, I dont want to see all the nameplates from all the country but only the ones in let’s say 50nm or 10nm around me. Could we be able to set that?
Same for POI, cities and taxi ribbon please :slight_smile:


Is there any way to bind a key to toggle multiplayers’ nametags on and off?
Its really cool to see who’s out there, its really cool to see the pretty scenery without big ugly nametags, why not have a way to toggle that. Or is there a way already? I couldn’t find a choice, even with all instead of assigned, when looking for it in keyboard controls.

Having to go into the menu to turn it on and off in a live flight isn’t ideal.

Thanks for the help if there is a way, thanks for looking if there isn’t.


Would also like to see the option to toggle names in near, middle and far distance.


Maybe it’s been mentioned before, but I’d really appreciate it if the traffic nameplates can be switched on and off with a key, or in the quick menu. Just a way to quickly toggle it on or off without going to the main menu would be greatly appreciated.

The reason of course is online flights or group flights; if I want to turn them off or on I have to go in the menu and I will disappear / freeze in flight. Since the nameplates are pretty big, they can sometimes ruin a great view.


Ah ha, I actually made a Zendesk suggestion for this a couple of hours ago. Also suggested addition of distances in the info so we can see how far away they are, and also suggested that the distances be able to be set so that we can remove those that are a very long way away. Cheers.


Aha… Just posted that as a question about 1 minute ago.

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It would be nice to be able to toggle the traffic nameplates with a key binding.

Traffic nameplates are useful for identification of other players but they do break immersion. Currently i go to the menu every time, but i think it would be nice if we could take a quick peek who is where.

I think this is very easy to implement.


I just need the possibility to assign a key to on/ff nametags multiplayer.


An on/off toggle would be nice but full control over what exactly the tags display would be even nicer. Like the ability to maybe replace users XBox Live names with their callsign instead. I don’t think most users had flight sim in mind when they originally chose those names… “OrcKillr”, “Horny69”, “SkullReaper”. I might choose to just display the aircraft type & altitude for example. Give us the option to toggle on/off all of the various tag info…

  • XBox Live Name
  • Callsign
  • Aircraft Type
  • Altitude
  • Distance?

Great idea! Completely agree.

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This would be great. A “friends only” option for tags would be great too.


+1 a very good idea!

Upvoted for that feature!

+1 good idea

Voted! Great idea, today the name tags on aircraft holding short as I was landing were across the threshold and touchdown zone from my cockpit view!

Yes please!

Please add keybindings to show/hide name plates. Sometimes I just want to quickly see who is passing me, but hide it for the rest of the flight because they’re too intrusive.

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Would be nice if in addition to on/off it could filter to freinds only as an option, help see where they are when you are at a crowded airport.

Voted :slight_smile:

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Or change the colour of the text. Green for friends?