Multiplayer: Players disappearing or not visible at all

Thank you very much for reopening this thread.
Please investigate also animation issues (gear/flaps/speedbrakes etc etc) they seems to be broken since update 4.
They are visible only when on ground and taxying. At 40 kts animations gone wrong then returnig ok below 40 kts. Seems to be steering related-
Thank you

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@VSM01 suggest you open another thread regarding the Flight surfaces problems so as to not muddy the waters on this issue

I’m using the latest open Beta (i9-10900k/1080Ti) and have tried everything I can think of, and of course making sure generic models is disabled.

About 20% of aircraft are invisible. Good example is the FBW A320. It often shows as invisble, even though I have it installed. Although I probably don’t have the specific livery installed. THis happens even when I’m also flying the FBW A320.

I’d say about 90% of the aircraft do not show as what they are reported to be. 747 shows up as A380, etc.

With fighter jets (Hornet, F-15, F16, etc) I can usually see the correct MP aircraft if I’m flying the exact same aircraft as the other person. If we are in different aircraft, then I see generic models, even when I have their aircraft installed.

With the new F16, I can see the smoke trail of other F16s, which is awesome fun and maybe a feature to consider adding to the default hornet.

Performance degrades significantly when lots of user aircraft are present. For example, recently at LAX about 15-20 multiplayer aircraft in immediate vicinity of the airport. FPS dropped down to about 1 in VR. When I exited VR, FPS remained at 1 until I closed Windows Mixed Reality Portal, then FPS increased back up to 20+. Not sure why WMR Portal was degrading performance in non-VR, but it definately was…and this was repeatable.

Admit that I have not tried with community folder disabled, but I’ll give that a go tonight.


I think the problems with live traffic is the servers are really hit and miss, I have good days where ac are coming in to land approximately 5 mins delayed (never see any take offs), other days there’s hardly anything in the air or on the ground.

Really bad tonight, North Europe server. Worst I’ve seen since the fix a couple of weeks ago.

I flew with a lot of people today, and we encountered three instances of multiple aircraft disappearing from in front of us all at once.
On the first disappearance, another player I was flying with told me that multiple aircraft disappeared at the same time.
Does the fact that multiple people are experiencing the same phenomenon at the same time in the same area hint at a problem?


Yes I was wondering this too. And people seem to be seeing the same people disappearing at the same time, whereas before, it was more random, and somebody disappearing on one person’s screen wouldn’t be the same person disappearing from someone else’s screen. Which leads me to believe that it’s actually a new bug (although almost certainly related).

Great video BTW. It shows the problem perfectly.


Great video mate
This is pretty much spot on what is happening.

From my testing it doesnt seem to matter if the other users are on your friends list or not. It doesnt seem linked to any particular server or in game setting. Also it doesnt matter what type of aircraft is being flown, be it a default Asobo, payware addon or 3rd party aircraft.

Its purely random

There are days when the servers seem to be operating just fine and then others they are a disaster.
The initial fix applied some weeks ago did have an impact so I hope they are getting close!


Particularly bad tonight. Just 3 of us on a group flight constantly disappearing, trying a few different servers and not helping


Had issues with large chunks of people disappearing in events on East USA server for the last four weekends with only 5 or less people still visible.


This is still a big problem… if i see a friend on the world map, its impossible to find them in-game if they’re on east usa server. sometimes there are 20 people i can see and an instant later poof they’re gone.


I thought they fixed this. Players pop in then disappear right away. Airports are empty on east server.


The last two weeks I (PC-User) was playing with a friend (XBOX) - and it was working fine. After updating today (v1.21.18.0) we were not able to see each other in the world. Group invitation was possible - we saw each other on the world map but not ingame. Later on he was able to see my activities in the world, but i didn’t see him. We both saw the same player in the world. We tried it without group invitation and same behaviour.


Yep - the servers are still not fixed. I have found the SouthEast Asia servers a little better - but Im not sure if thats because of time zones and less people on them - or perhaps - less traffic in the areas we fly.

Keep the votes coming folks - remind your communities and friends - we are at #24 at present


This issue started popping back up again. Today has been relatively bad when it comes to this issue.
I noticed a little bit of issues over the past few days, but the past 24 hours or so has been pretty poor. Granted its not as bad as it once was, but still a major issue it seems.


Came to this thread to state the same thing.

I know not everyone does this, but Friday nights typically tend to get busy, and I have been waiting at one particular airport, pacing the tarmic back and forth, waiting to draw someone in so we can fly.

I wait sometimes for hours. I pace back and forth so my altitude changes in case someone at distance wants to fly, they’ll know I’m not static.

Finally, some action! I go to meet up, everyone disappears. This happened multiple times and ugh…to wait and wait for action only for the servers to make everyone disappear, it doesn’t help with the throttle frustration I experienced earlier. MSFS really needs to hire more people who can fix issues in a more timely fashion or better yet, be pro-active instead of re-active.


Since this is an old topic, would this issue get looked at again or will it get swept under the rug b/c the people who can fix it think it’s an old problem that’s already been fixed?

Maybe a title “Server Issues -insert date” so that way they know if there’s a new server issue problem.

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This issue is still very much active and is on the feedback snapshot #22 for bugs.
Currently under investigation - there was a server update applied which has made some impact but the problem still exists.

Creating additional threads wont refresh the issue as everything is voted on (be sure to vote on the issue)

I am hopeful SU8 will finally sort this but Im not sure - it looks to be server based so what ever framework is used for the multiplayer environment - it worked perfectly prior to SU5 and the introduction to the Xbox console. Since then its been a problem. People just vanishing in the sim environment - and outside of the normal crash detection and close proximity rules applied to the core sim.

I think there should be a separate server for PC, then one for Xbox and finally a joint server for both.

It sounds like a basic request but I imagine the work required on the back end is huge.

MS and Asobo are very aware of the issue - and its one they want sorted - afterall, one of the biggest selling points of MSFS (apart from the world generation, weather and indeed prior to the more sophisticated airliners coming in) is the ability to fly with your friends.

I have found that using different regions from time to time can help - but there is no pattern. North Europe can be hit and miss whilst the US servers seem fine at 0800-1400z


It seems to be load related. If you want to fly in a big group, you need to be on SE Asia, even if it has a bad ping. During slow times in the US, east and west are ok.

They need to beef up the servers or have higher bandwidth. I think they load shed during peak times…decreasing the number of internet players they provide to you.


Yes problem always exciting, and in my case sometimes even worse;
The plane keeps dancing back and forth as if to synchronize its position,which is extremely inconvenient for formation flights.

As Twotonemurphy says, installing a separate server might be a solution, on my side this problem started with the release of the Xbox platform.

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(For community managers) Could we have some news on this problem please!!