Multiplayer: Players disappearing or not visible at all

I welcome myself to the club. Today this has happened to me 2 times, just spoils the fun and you end the sim frustrated.

I fly with Hornet on Series S. A few rounds over a city, and all players disappear. No matter what I do they are no longer to be seen. On the top right of the Xbox it still shows me that these players are online. Only I can no longer see them.
I was flying with 2 other pilots who were also flying the Hornet. Suddenly all players were gone.
Actually, I keep wondering if anyone is testing this sim.
It absolutely ruins all the fun.

Hey guys can you take another look at this please.

Closing the original thread when the problem still exists is not helpful. Whilst there have been some improvements made, the issue is still not fixed. Now we must spend more time re voting on this issue.

Even if this specific bug can be relayed to the development team, without the amount of votes - I don’t see this being dealt with as a Priority 1 Issue. In fact, if the previous thread created a priority 1 issue, by closing it - that effectively stands down the priority.

Aircraft/players still disappear at random times, they pop in/out regardless of the distance of the players view and is experienced by other users on the same server. It happened last night on my livestream. We tried changing servers - and the problem persisted.

Some great progress has been made but its not fixed yet.
For me I think this bug is vitally important to be fixed as soon as possible. Its stopping folks flying together and has effectively grounded aerobatic display teams.


There’s no doubt that there has been a definite improvement. However, it’s still happening, albeit not as frequently. It may be that the issue hasn’t fully been resolved or (my suspicion) that resolving the initial issue has inadvertently broken something else.

Such a pity that the original thread was closed so early before people had a proper chance to test it out.


I would really like to know why #22 was closed so quickly when the issue is still very clearly present? Please please please address this asap as it really does hamper the MP experience.


The issue is very much present . During a recent multiplayer live stream, almost all of the other Aircraft disappeared for at least 20 mins, then suddenly all reappeared, so this issue is still very much alive.


For me it is the opposite. I want to disable the Multiplayer aircraft from appearing in my SIM and it doesnt work. I did switch the option to Multiplayer OFF but the aircraft keep showing.

You have to multiplayer off - and dont forget live traffic off - oh and wait theres more … goto traffic insetup and turn it off there too. then restart and you should have no more traffic. Hope this helps.


Heya Jayne, any chance we can reopen the other thread please?
Servers again had problems tonight - its gonna be very difficult to keep this thread focused on the main issue


This issue exists since at least SU6 and is pretty annoying when it randomly appears. All but a few people disappear all at once. It may take multiple minutes until the rest of people reappear (also all at once). My guess is that people are connected to different (physical) servers. Those servers are interconnected with each other and synchronize the position of connected users via (internal) network. Sometimes the connection between the servers breaks and you can only see the players that are connected to the same server as you. Basically a netsplit like in good old IRC.

Sometimes switching back and forth between server regions may get you connected to a different server and thus “fix” it for you. Otherwise, you can only wait it out.

We have re-activated the old topic and opened it for investigation, as this issue does not look fully solved. The team is investigating further and will provide an update where possible.


Thank you Jayne. Delighted to hear this news.

Agreed. It’s better but not fixed. For me it seemed much better when the server side fix was first implemented but over the following days it appears to have got worse again. It seems to not be isolated aircraft like it was before but whole groups of aircraft just vanish suddenly and then come back some time later. If the server side fix was updated then the updates are not as good as the original fix it seems.

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Huge thanks to @Jummivana for reopening this thread

Remember folks - keep getting the word out there and lets try to get this topic more votes


phew, the mountain just got a bit less steep… was awful the past few days.

Thank you @Jummivana, much appreciated.

It would be great if this remained open until the positive reports of it being fixed is like 25% of the vote count rather than 3 :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for reopening this thread.
Please investigate also animation issues (gear/flaps/speedbrakes etc etc) they seems to be broken since update 4.
They are visible only when on ground and taxying. At 40 kts animations gone wrong then returnig ok below 40 kts. Seems to be steering related-
Thank you

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@VSM01 suggest you open another thread regarding the Flight surfaces problems so as to not muddy the waters on this issue

I’m using the latest open Beta (i9-10900k/1080Ti) and have tried everything I can think of, and of course making sure generic models is disabled.

About 20% of aircraft are invisible. Good example is the FBW A320. It often shows as invisble, even though I have it installed. Although I probably don’t have the specific livery installed. THis happens even when I’m also flying the FBW A320.

I’d say about 90% of the aircraft do not show as what they are reported to be. 747 shows up as A380, etc.

With fighter jets (Hornet, F-15, F16, etc) I can usually see the correct MP aircraft if I’m flying the exact same aircraft as the other person. If we are in different aircraft, then I see generic models, even when I have their aircraft installed.

With the new F16, I can see the smoke trail of other F16s, which is awesome fun and maybe a feature to consider adding to the default hornet.

Performance degrades significantly when lots of user aircraft are present. For example, recently at LAX about 15-20 multiplayer aircraft in immediate vicinity of the airport. FPS dropped down to about 1 in VR. When I exited VR, FPS remained at 1 until I closed Windows Mixed Reality Portal, then FPS increased back up to 20+. Not sure why WMR Portal was degrading performance in non-VR, but it definately was…and this was repeatable.

Admit that I have not tried with community folder disabled, but I’ll give that a go tonight.


I think the problems with live traffic is the servers are really hit and miss, I have good days where ac are coming in to land approximately 5 mins delayed (never see any take offs), other days there’s hardly anything in the air or on the ground.

Really bad tonight, North Europe server. Worst I’ve seen since the fix a couple of weeks ago.

I flew with a lot of people today, and we encountered three instances of multiple aircraft disappearing from in front of us all at once.
On the first disappearance, another player I was flying with told me that multiple aircraft disappeared at the same time.
Does the fact that multiple people are experiencing the same phenomenon at the same time in the same area hint at a problem?