Multiplayer: Players disappearing or not visible at all

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in multiplayer the other players appears and disappears. If I switch the server he can see me but i don’t.
if he switch the server and return to the previous server i can see him but he can’t see me…This is fully broken…The multiplayer is broken…I don’t know if is a server overload problem…But i think is a bug…The online players that are 80 miles away are visible but the player in front of me disappear…I opened the port in my modem
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enter a flight in multiplayer with some friend…Not all can see all
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i9 9900k rtx 3080ti 32gb ram
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about 2 months ago
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The online players that are 80 miles away are visible but the player in front of me disappear

me too.


same here! Super frustrating trying to do formation flying with friends only to have them randomly disappear. Used to be able to reset MP in DATA to fix, but that doesn’t work after the Xbox Launch. MSFS, please fix!


I have the same issue. Players tags who are no where close to me (ie 60+ miles or so) will for the most part always be present on screen. Those who are relatively close to me, constantly disappear then re-appear, over and over again. I’ve noticed players whom are parked at airports will not disappear as I fly around them, but as soon as they become airborne, poof, they are gone.


Also have this problem.

Live servers - intermittent. Sometimes my friends show. As soon as you get close, they disappear. (I’ve videoed this)

Group - I found this to be the most stable way of flying multiplayer, but now my friend doesn’t receive invites via MSFS, but instead via the GameBar. When he accepts, it takes him to the Store to purchase MSFS.

SU5 made so many improvements but this is such a big thing!


I’m actually really surprised that this isn’t higher up on the forum. It’s not even listed as a “Known Issue”. We need more online players to be vocal about this issue. Just had another group flight today with just 5 other guys and they are disappearing constantly.


I have the same problem.
When I fly in formation, the planes flying behind me are displayed, but the planes flying in front of me are not.
Planes that are far away are displayed, but disappear when I get close.
The effect of the planes in front of me fading and disappearing just before a collision is important, but in the current state I can’t even get close to them.
I think one of the main goals of multiplayer mode is group formation flying. As it is now, the leader plane will disappear, so please fix this.
Multiplayer: Planes flying in front of me are not displayed


Just submitted a Zendesk ticket regarding this issue. (#118737)

Hopefully we can get a solution to this issue soon.


When flying with multiple players, there is a bug where other players’ planes are not displayed.
The planes flying behind me are displayed (when I look behind me with the outboard camera), but the planes flying in front of me are not.
I understand that there is a priority order for displaying planes when many planes are flying closely together, but there is a problem with the way the priority order is set.
Please improve the display so that planes flying in front of me are prioritized.


I think it’s more of an overall intermittent connection issue that’s being experienced by a lot of people. For me just about everybody disappear and reappear constantly especially since the latest patch.


Thank you for your reply.
I think it’s a long standing problem too.
In my case, since I installed SU5, the number of planes displayed when I look behind me seems to have increased.
However, when I look forward, the planes flying with me are still not displayed.
The plane flying ahead away from me is displayed correctly. Both the aircraft and the name tag are displayed.
I am having a lot of trouble with group flying with many players.


Since SU5, multiplayer group flights have been difficult as other players will appear and disappear at random intervals.

Last night, a group of about 8 of us were able to compare notes as we flew together in Florida. We noted that aircraft in front were more likely to disappear. When a player vanished, they usually vanished at the same time for more than one other player - suggesting it’s a server rather than local/install issue.

And it is a fairly big problem, because it kind of ruins the multiplayer experience.

Note that this is not a distance related issue - we’re all well familiar with nametags vanishing at very close range, and other aircraft turning invisible just before you’d hit them. This is something else introduced by the latest sim update.


I confirm the issue. I have noticed it as well.


Confirmed on our weekly GGravel group flights. Since SU5 this has been happening.


Can also confirm this issue. It degrades the enjoyment of group flights.


I have the same problem when doing a group flight with many players.
When I look at the back of the plane from an out of plane perspective, many planes are displayed, but when I look at the front (either from the cockpit or out of plane perspective), no other planes are displayed.
Planes that are quite far ahead do appear (wing lights and name tags are shown).
This makes formation flying impossible.
Multiplayer: Planes flying in front of me are not displayed


I have noticed this lately, while trying to chase other jet planes with the F-22. Ignoring the extreme rubberbanding from afar, when it seems to update every few seconds only and interpolates for that time, typically when finally catching up, they suddenly disappear for a while, until showing up eventually.

I could have sworn that multiplayer worked way smoother a long while ago.


Same here.


This is a weird thing that didn’t happen before. It is quite unpleasant when doing group flights.
What we saw yesterday is that when I disappeared for some others, I could still see them, and when I reappeared, they were gone for me.
We tried several servers. East US, West Europe, and South East Asia. They were all showing the same behaviour.


Same problem here. Multi-player mode is broken…

Been partial successfull to change the servers (i.e. south-east-asia, when it’s night time over there, and probably less load?) - but it’s not a bullet proof solution.