Multiplayer: Players disappearing or not visible at all

For a while after the “fix” was pushed, things seemed to be gradually improving. Aircraft would still disappear but not as frequently or for as long. The last month or so it seems to be getting worse for me. Now it happens basically any time I try to fly with friends and worse, they don’t reappear at all anymore unless we swap servers and back or one of us restarts their flight and “rejoins” the MP server.


Yep, I’m noticing a lot of this lately. Basically everyone in the group vanishes, maybe leaving one or two of us, we can all see each other but can’t see the main group. This actually seems like a different issue, as opposed to the random disappearing, but I reckon both issues are related.


FYI - had this issue for evers… CHECK YOUR COMPUTER’S TIME.

Buddy’s computer was off by 5 minuites. Resynced time properly, setup to auto sync, now ZERO problems with seeing each other in multiplayer.
May not fix everyone, but might fix some.

Somehow this thread keeps getting other multiplayer issues grouped in with it.

I will link a post of a previous video posted by a community member that shows the exact issue being discussed in this thread.

No other multiplayer issues are being discussed here. Please create another bug report/ thread for other issues.