Multiplayer: Players disappearing or not visible at all

I flew again with the same group 3 days ago. This time some of them were able to see me, but I was not able to see any of them. Tried several server switches back and forth and even did a reboot and logged in again. Tried turning multiplayer off and back on and changed live AI vs no AI and back. We were all flying the same plane with same mod. This has been since the last SU7.

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same here, gave up on doing a group flight, i wonder how many times since SU5 this issue is going to be “bug-logged” only to still appear again in the next SU.


Multiplayer is intermittent…broken again since 1 week…please fix this or improve like before su8…
I noticed that the last gaming services broke the multi

Sadly, I just got my dad up and running in Flight Sim, and we tried winging up tonight, but we could only ever go 30 seconds to a minute flying together before we de-synced and lost each other. We were in an in-game group, which seems like it would give us priority to stay synced. Even crazier, we both never lost any of the other online pilots flying around us on the server, only each other.

We’re not physically in the same city, so it’s not a problem of trying to use the same internet connection.

I managed to fix it temporarily and re-sync us by switching to another in-game server and then back again (US East to US West and back to US East), but that did not work consistently.

It was a pretty frustrating experience, and I hope it gets resolved by the developers, as I’d love to fly with both my dad and brother in-game.

EDIT. We tried again, flying as a group, this time in the middle of nowhere where no other players were visible to us to make sure that we didn’t get bumped in favor of another player in range, and we still disappeared from each other’s screen within minutes of playing. Very frustrating!


As a related issue to this, Asobo should also offer an LOD slider as a graphics option so that we can decide when other players’ planes degrade to the poor-looking low-polygon model.

When I was playing with my dad, I noticed that his plane dropped to a low-poly model REALLY quickly as he got further away from me and then disappearing entirely to be replaced by floating navigation lights. Since his plane’s high-poly model didn’t have a noticeable effect on my FPS, I’d be happy with his plane never dropping to the low-poly model.

Really, anyone in your immediate group should have high priority so that they never disappear, and their plane should be a high-poly model out to infinite distances. You should be able to see them at least as far out as any other combat flight sim lets you.

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I renamed my Community Folder and restarted the MSFS 2020 and was able to see other players again for the first time since SU7. I then renamed my Community Folder back to what it was and was able to use at least one of my planes in Community Folder and still see other players. I have not confirmed that others are seeing me though . . . yet.

I agree. When your friends plane comes in taxiing you see his livery flash from simple white to the correct livery. This distance is way too small.

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Currently flying in a group of about 15. Everyone has disappeared and I can actually see other people who are even further away, while the people in my group just aren’t there (they can see me). It just isn’t good enough, Asobo. You have been kicking the can down the road on this since last summer. How can you possibly advertise this sim as being suitable for multiplayer, when it clearly isn’t?


Friend of me and I wanted to try the Dornier Wal yesterday together.
He was able to see me, I could not see him.
But I was able to a lot of people in the distance.
We tried 2 different areas, one near the Machloop in Wales, the other near Barcelona.
Suffering from this for a long period of time now.
Hope there is a final solution on it’s way.


Looks like we’re all having this problem or a variation of it. How many of you have filed a bug report in Zendesk? I think that’s the only way Asobo will take this seriously enough to get it fixed.

I just have an issue with a few friends appparently. Just one, actually. Since about 2 updates ago we have had this issue. Good internet (80mbs or more), reinstalled the simulators and they disappear from my friends list when they log onto the sim.
Weird and annoying.

I can confirm this issue is back after many weeks working properly…

I can clearly see dozens of players disappearing and reappearing during cruise and near the airport, while just one or two of them consistenly remain connected.

Tried to change servers, to fix the ‘Teredo’ connection, reset the router and no solution.


Im suffering from the same problem.

Im playing with my friend on the same network, same settings. He can see 5 planes, not me.

I can see 15 palanes AND him…




Please vote if you are having this issue. The higher we can drive it up the list the more attention it will gain. Only clear way we can get Asobo to continue to look into this issue, is more votes.


This problem progressed into a lot wider issue, there are times , like today , Sunday , no online players can be seen at all. Like nobody is flying today ?? All connection good, servers up and running, multiplayer enabled , but no live players on any server ??

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North Europe server acting up again. Every single person in my group has disappeared


We flew with a group of 5 yesterday and during the 2 hours flights, It was impossible to see everyone. One saw the other 4. Two saw only two & one saw only one.
Asobo, please solve this bug quickly!!!


We had our community flight yesterday. As ususal on Europe-West server. And as usuall:
Disappearing AC

After the community flight a few guys and I decided to do a few rounds in the Machloop.
Loaded the flight, hop in the cockpit and:
Disappearing AC

Then I had the idea that all change to USA-West server. What should I say:
NO Disappearing AC !

OK, ping times have been bad, 4 - 5 x slower than Europe-West. But stable visisbiliity.

As Asobo uses Microsoft servers and Microsoft is a US company, maybe they have more / better servers in the US than in the rest of the world. Look at every new technology Microsoft has invented in the past. First introduced in the US, then months or years later in the rest of the world.


I don’t know about that. My dad and I have been flying exclusively in USA-East, and we’ve been suffering from disappearing from each other’s game every time we fly together. One way we can re-sync is to hop to another server and then hop back again.


i’ve got the same problem, watching friends on twitch flying around, used to be able to join, now it just states friends disconnected on all servers, i see maybe a maximum of about 13 players in the distance but none of my friends.