Multiple CTD since world update 5

Having a serious CTD issue since last update, CTD while downloading the world update and again whilst updating files in content manager, is anyone else seeing this?

Resarted and tried to update content manager files again, instant CTD - Steam version

CTD twice for me when I try loading a flight departing from BIIS. But I was able to load a flight at an airport on Sweden with no CTD. What’s happening with yours?

Have not got that far, trying to download anything is killing it.

yes me too, CTD when i try to start the landing challeng in the main screen menu, steam version


Have you guys removed the files in the community folder and tried again as per instructions for installation should you have issue’s?

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of course, that it is the first thing i did before install the update


Same issue here, got CTD with every updade i like to do in the content manager. Community folder empty. MS Store Version.

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Same issue, comm folder empty when doing the landing challenge.

No issues here, MSFS and Nordics update completed without CTD or any other interruption.

i think i discovered what was my CTD causes, i had activated the zinerteck graphics addon after the update in the addon linker, i erased from the comunity and now i can do the landing challenge and also in the global map i can select whatever i want sart on the runway or parking slot.

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good, but this shows again and again most of these issues are caused by the users.


Mostly but not always, that was my case, i dont think the others are using zinerteck graphics

Yes, I have a temp file thy live in post update

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I just had another 200MB download - hotfix?

Sadly not - still doing the same thing?

I am also experiencing a CTD when loading the landing challenge in the main screen menu. (Steam version)

Sort of solution - If I go back to the welcome screen and allow the download to continue in the background it does not crash

yes same here. CTD after loading screen.

At the flying landing challenge Isafjoerdur after World Update V Nordics, I have CTD for the first time. I checked that and saw that in a radius of 50 NM from Isafjoirdur airport this CTD always happens. Do you also have this problem? Is there a solution for this problem? Many Thanks. Farhad