Multiple problems with flight plans from Simbrief on Flybywire A320nx mod

The sim has an annoying quirk of changing your whole imported flightplan if you change something as simple as the departure gate. (sometimes I need to completely Redo the flight plan from scratch.)
There is already a topic for this with a lot of votes!

  • Fast forward to loading the MCDU: The sim (or the mod?) will insert multiple waypoints of the same (often doubling the STAR), or will insert USR (user?) waypoints which are not from the original flight plan. The Mod still doesn’t allow you to delete just one waypoint?

  • On top of this, even if I have ‘fixed’ the flightplan, the aircraft will always start to make a drastic turn away just before the STAR or going final. I have to immediately turn off the autopilot & fly the rest myself.

Anybody else having similar problems?

Not sure if this is a mod issue, Sim issue or because I’m using Navigraphs latest AIRAC cycle.

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Had the same issue, found the easiest fix was to go to the DIR page and set a direct course to the start of the approach, otherwise the flightplan would send me back to a previous waypoint, doing this made the flight plan look messy on the ARC display and seemed to remove the descent hockeystick but it works. I also had a problem with the ILS not appearing so forcing a manual landing last night. To be honest, im only learning the 320 so assumed the issue was with the ‘nut behind the wheel’ until I saw your post.

Haha, I’m also just another nut behind the wheel.

Yes I’ve also had to do the DIR to option. Sadly the plane still seems to want to do this bizarre veer away. I should probably let it do it to see what the plane is trying to do! (Maybe a 360 loop before final just for giggles.)

I also had the ILS not appearing at all last night at Heathrow. I so trusted the system that I only noticed quite late, & had to do a rather clumsy manual approach, which would have lead to a few spilt FBW coffees & one or two squeals from the back.

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Don’t click on the map for your departure gate. Use the dropdown list up top and choose your gate from there. It won’t recalc your flight plan doing it that way.

You can use the map and zoom in etc. to find the gate number, just don’t click on the gate there, use the drop down.

During the past few days, I would see an additional way point added into the flight plan (import for sim brief), which would take me back and forward again, in a zigzag pattern. I would manage to delete the offending way point, normally after a few tries on the MCDU.

I have also noticed that the ILS frequency has not been programmed on the MCDU, after selecting the appropriate approach, as given by ATC. This happened again on my approach to Innsbruck. Once I put in the frequency manually, it got fixed, however I had to fly in by hand, as once I press the approach button: the plane veered off course (this has been going on with my plane lately) I must admit that I am having fun doing the approaches manually though.

Exactly the same problem here. No idea where the plane is veering off to.

If I try to delete the offending waypoint, it often deletes the rest of the flight plan!

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Yes I have started to use that method. Sadly my flight plans are still messed up in the MCDU & my plane still seems to be doing weird things on final!

See this comment from one of the Navigraph chaps: Flightplan loading issue since latest update - #9 by NAVData