Multiple Views more important than multiple monitor support

I completely agree with you, one wonders if the designers of Asobo have already used FSX in the past. The multi-window management was very efficient and accomplished. Each of the windows could manage the zoom, the POV independently of the others and it was enough to synchronize the views (with CTRL+T according to my memories) so that they move with the chosen view. In addition, you could choose the desired view of each of them (exterior view or other). Why the developers did not resume the work done on FSX (or P3D)?

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No bloody ZOOM. This flushed the whole attempt.

This feature is not usefull for different monitor sizes

I have 3, 43" Sony 4K TV’s. Having only three AXIS of movement is very limiting.

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Having now had a play with the new SU10 multi monitor feature it’s clear that this needs to be just the first stage because as it is now is very limited. I’ll add to the request for adjustment of the view for each monitor. Currently I fly with the camera set to just show the glareshield/windshield. This means the camera viewpoint is forward in the cockpit so when adding side views they are not aligned with the side windows because they use the same viewpoint as the main monitor and every aircraft needs different positioning. Add to that I’d like to use different sized displays for the side views.

A separate viewpoint for each view is required along with per display FOV. I’d also think that these settings would need to be saved and recalled on a per aircraft basis because I can’t see a single setting working for all.

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I fully agree with you. I am very disappointed, that SU10 did not bring back this well known function.

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It was a simple request, I thought! :roll_eyes:
As implemented in SU10, it’s as if they never evaluated what was there before dating back to the 1990s.

Yet, I am not surprised because the same thing happened with how they managed the “new” replays system.

Asobo can and will do better, but i feel like these layer two features have always been back burner afterthoughts. Every post in this thread makes a clear point of what is expected. Sigh.

This has never been a priority for Asobo. The only reason it is on here now is to quiet the masses. This is virtually unusable and don’t even think about switching planes. Very disappointing.

Hello everyone,

It’s a pity that Asobo didn’t really manage to get a really 100% working Multiview up and running after such a long time and professional support (from Fly Elise)!

It’s a shame for the whole FS and very, very disappointing for something that calls itself simulation.

Because that’s just a game for the desk.

Nest regards