My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

i would totally support a “RTX3080 for @CptLucky8” Campaign!


So the new nvidia driver is still not working correctly for MSFS 2020 VR right?

it works but 457.30 is smoother experience with less stutter


I second cyberceno/Cptlucky. I tried them all… several time… it’s exhausting :slight_smile: 457.30 still the “winner” for me.

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Does that disabling hardware accelerated gpu scheduling apply also for non vr flying?

You might want to read this then:
My 2070 SUPER 4K settings and suggestions - episode 2

NB: some might be outdated since my VR settings discussions and finding but most is still very relevant.

I’m going to go ahead and eat some crow and say I’ve changed my mind about reprojection. I think it’s easy to get tunnel vision when you’ve loaded up the same Kennedy Int’l flight about 700 times for testing purposes.

Last night I realized I didn’t have the latest world update installed. I installed it and saw the new Alaska bush flight. Fired that up with my G2 and Honeycomb gear. Even running TAA 70 / OpenXR 70 with all high settings, there was something really bothering me about 30 minutes into what was supposed to be this beautiful sightseeing trip. It was annoying to look in the cockpit, it was annoying to look outside. It was generally nice, but nothing to write home about.

I decided to turn off reprojection and crank all my MSFS settings up to ultra. The Alaska bush trip turned into a religious experience. If you don’t whip your head around side to side, or put your eyes up to the stick and strafe left and right, the motion experience is nearly identical. The visual experience was much different. I was able to run at TAA 80 / OpenXR 100, all MSFS settings maxed at 35+ FPS. I think the Terrain LOD setting to 200 made a big difference in how interesting the ground looks from bush flight altitude.

One thing that I don’t think I weighed properly with my first tests was the artifacts introduced by reprojection. I was focusing mostly on propeller distortion and wing+runway distortion. These are really not that bad if you have the right drivers and you’re able to keep enough resource headroom for OpenXR reprojection. However, there’s what I would call a shimmering and a blurring that happens with reprojection that just exhausted my mind and eyes after spending more than a few minutes in the air. It’s hard to describe. Like you’re wearing glasses with vaseline smeared onto the lenses.

I still think reprojection is the way to go for some circumstances. Or maybe it’s the only way to go for some people. But I think I’ll be flying with it off most of the time.


This is the route I’ve always taken with simulators in general because this allows me to get the highest res. and no artifacts. You can read the many reports on this forum saying “how could you fly without” and some early readers found out it was not so bad without afterall.

Since then I’ve been trying reprojection with the G2 and when I initially went into this, I was a little bit like you: something felt “odd” about the visuals. Sure they were smooth and fluid, but it gave me the same impression I don’t like “sports mode” on the TV. I don’t whether it is because I’m not using to gamin at 240hz, or whether I’m so accustomed to lower than 60hz with simulators in 2D.

Nevertheless, in finding the right settings making this working, and eventually in using the right aircraft minimizing the wobbling (K350, Jets, Airliners are good with reproj.), and after flying a few hours with reproj. it is quite good with the G2/WMR (much better than with the Index/SteamVR), but I’ve to sacrifice a little bit of resolution for this to run.

A few days ago I’ve decided to revert to non-reproj with the A320 and sure enough there is juddering back, which I was accustomed to but not as much now. I believe it will take me flying a few hours without reproj. and I’ll get accustomed to it again.

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Yeah, as with… many things, there is no simple, correct answer. Obviously, running MSFS cranked to ultra with FPS locked to HMD refresh rate is the ideal. (btw, when do we get VRR headsets?) But in the meantime, we have to compromise. And maybe that choice just depends on that day’s mood. I’m glad you’re getting better results from reprojection. Have you tried that bush trip btw??

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No, I haven’t done any yet actually, I just tried the LFMN and LFPG landing challenges (the later in VR only)

I’m not certain VRR for VR will work as good as for 2D (let alone the awful acronym VRVRR or VVRRR) because of the need for reprojection to compensate the render-to-photon delay, but I’m not expert either.

I just love this thread.

I personally still enjoy the repro. I agree though, it looks a bit smudged in comparison to the clarity you get having it off. I move my head a lot all the time scanning for traffic getting my bearings and enjoying the scenery. The juddering is bad for me
since I can t seem to stay in one place :slight_smile:


@CptLucky8 , I am running MSFS on a WMR headset (Samsung Odyssey), using SteamVR for OpenXR runtime so I can use OVR Toolkit for overlays.
With this combination, do you know what drives the render resolution outside MSFS? i.e. does the slider in the SteamVR settings handle that? I have OpenXR Dev Tools for WMR installed as well, if that makes a difference.

It is explained in “Balancing Visuals and Performance” in both this discussion (WMR) and the other one (SteamVR): My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR)

You might want to check also at the end of the OP, “Further Comments”, 2nd link!

I now switch between reproj and no-reproj regularly depending on the situation.

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That’s a good idea. I wish there was a key binding for that :slight_smile:

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@CptLucky8 Thanks for this guide! This is helping me alot!
Although I am facing a problem and can’t see the solution posted anywhere.
No matter what setting I fiddle with, the FPS keeps going around 23-30FPS. Which is just not enough for a smooth VR experience.
I drop the settings. My GPU performance will just drop instead of the FPS going up?
(even in full HD on medium settings)

Is there any explanation for that?

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@Fobatai Usually this indicates the CPU/GPU balance is not good and the GPU is waiting on the CPU, but I might be wrong.

A quick note to all:

I’m updating the OP from time to time not only when I’m making new suggestions, but also in keeping a wish list of bugs and features you can vote on. If you don’t happen to revisit the OP from time to time, here is the current list.

If you find these important to you, please vote!

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@CptLucky8 can you suggest best setting for Rift S, i’m tired with dancing. I have two choices. Bad quality but acceptable perfomance, or good quality but bad performance.
Oculus beta v25, nvidia 457.30

Unfortunately I can’t because I don’t have this headset, but there are countless Oculus discussions in this forum though which might prove working good for you.