My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

First I run everything at stock clocks (CPU/RAM/GPU) and oserved no improvement on microstuttering.
I then looked at my running processes. No lighting because I didn’t install it. The ones that were most noticable, other than system-related, were:

  • FlyPT Mover (controls my DIY Motion Platform rig). Closing it down didn’t make any difference in microstuttering.
  • VoiceAttack (I use it to interact with MSFS) - no change if closed
  • Precision X1 (EVGA 3080 control panel - overclocking, cooling etc.) - I closed it and saw a massive improvement on microstuttering! Not that I didn’t see a stutter here and there, but they were rare, and were far between. There was no 1 to 1.5 second microstuttering that was driving me nuts! It’s not perfect but it’s much closer to a constantly smooth experience. I tested a few times - as soon as I enable Precision X1 - I get more frequent microstuttering, even when it’s set on stock clocks. As soon as I close it - situation significantly improves.

Now I wonder if the modest overclock settings I can load with it stick after I close it? I’d like to use all the power I can get, and I have OC BIOS that allows me to raise power and temperature max, and dial a bit of stable overclock (+200 memory, +110 Core - it’s really not much but FTW3 is a high-clocked 3080 from the factory, so this is the most I can push while remaining 100% stable). I wish I can load it and close the software… Not sure if I lose the OC when I close X1…

I also tested with MR disabled - nope, still can’t stand it. If there’s any clarity improvement it dies as soon as I move my head even a little.

It also seems that performance is a bit better when I uncheck “use custom resolution” in OpenXR. I know it automatically sets the resolution based on VRAM size. But it seems to look as good as OXR80 and I run it with TAA100 and I think it’s smoother than OXR85/TAA85. But that can be placebo effect.