My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) 🟢

@ODirtyMike0 this is exactly this! I’m currently trying different settings and comparing v104 vs v105.

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Thanks for the suggestions but it made things worse for me.

This a little vague… Would you mind detailing what is “worse”, your hardware, your HMD, etc…?

Running a 5800X and 2070S with my Rift S. Running the settings of the OP. Rift S should be way less power hungry than the Index but for me. Planes with glass instruments are basically useless. Waaay too stuttery, even with instruments refresh rate at Low. Also Clearity in mid distance is very blurry. Makes VR flying useless when not able to see the airport.
They need to do something with the glass cockpits performance

Don’t use anything than HIGH and you’ll remove most stutters in VR.

As for the resolution, you might want to read the updates/follow up… (and I need to update my initial post too LOL). Look in more details starting with: [Update 08DEC2020 - Render Resolution (continued)]

For best EFIS clarity, use TAA 100 or 110 (FS2020) and SS 80 (your HMD tool) (I like TAA100/SS78 with the Index)

Oh thanks didnt see the follow ups. Maybe you should update the OP with all the knowledge as people a streaming in now for VR :stuck_out_tongue:
I just tried HIGH for display refresh rate and it makes it worse. I cant fly looking ahead. When looking outside the window without the display in view, its alright

I don’t know what settings/drivers/config you’re running but for sure, the settings I’ve published must work as a whole. In other words, it takes disabling HAGS and Game Mode, it takes using NVidia 457.30 (any other more recent driver is worse), balancing all your FS2020 settings (you can afford Gauge Refresh Rate HIGH to eliminate stuttering only because you’re lowering some other settings) etc…

But you are right also there is a problem with some of the latest SteamVR causing more stuttering than when I’ve first started FS2020 VR Beta. In any case, the key with the Index and SteamVR is to set your Terrain LOD and Object LOD no more than 50%. This is helping a lot reducing stuttering especially over photogrammetry regions.

Otherwise you’re right I have to update them but I’m currently also trying VR with the G2 and different WMR/OXR settings prior!

Yeah I need to experiment with Oculus Tray Tool SS settings to see what I can get. I went exactly by your guide with my settings

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Looking forward to your G2 advice!

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I’ve just posted this above: [Update 22DEC2020 - FS2020 Sim Update II]


I’ve just gone and set everything to your recommendations, including drivers, and it is a much happier experience

I’m now off to play with the combinations of render resolution vs OpenXR resolution slider to see if I can grab a little more clarity… I can set both to 100 but then I get a little less smooth performance.

For reference I’m running 3900X, 32gb 3600mhz CL14, RTX3070 and a G2.

As mentioned I’m greatly looking forward to your insights on the G2 in particular, thank you for posting this thread - you’ve turned a meh first impression into something I’m going to use quite a bit.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback, this is much appreciated!

You can basically try this with the G2:

  • TAA 100% (I can push to 110 with the 2070S for extra EFIS clarity only) and OXR SS 50%, Terrain LOD 100% (maybe 150% with a 3070).

  • TAA 70% and OXR SS 100%

The former allows using TAA super sample beyond 100% for extra lettering/EFIS clarity (which is already good in the G2). The later gives more room to raise other visual settings with similar enough EFIS clarity in practice.

These are the 2 main combos you can start with giving roughly same render resolution but with different tradeoff. I’m currently comparing these really closely in different situations and how these permit pushing other settings more.


I just tried SteamVR with the Reverb G1 and it’s running much better than trough WMR, I don’t know why, but it’s better.

Thank you for sharing this info! I find it is the reverse on my test system with the G2, go figure! This is making me wondering whether there is anything wrong with my SteamVR files.

Can you please detail your Hardware, System settings (HAGS, Game mode), Win10 version, NVidia driver version, SteamVR version?

Ryzen 5 5600x
16gb 3200mhz
Hags and game mode disabled, win, nvidia driver and steamvr I have all the latest updates.
With wmr its unplayable no matter what I do, but I think the 30fps reprojection would be better, 45 is hard to keep.

Sorry if I’m being dense, but how do you use steamVR with the G2 and this game? Whenever I tab into VR it closes steam VR and launches OpenXR for wmr…

Cheers - if I set OXR to 50% I get really bad distortions in both menus and in game… setting to 60% or above prevents it.

I will have a play thanks.

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Already posted in this discussion: My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Valve Index)

Are you using this one: Driver Version: 460.89 - Release Date: Tue Dec 15, 2020 ?

It is not supposed to have any fixes for the SteamVR stuttering plaguing the NVidia drivers after 446.14 though.
What version of WMR OpenXR are you using, v104 or v105 preview?

I play a lot of VR games and didn’t really notice any stutters with this driver, I know it’s marked as a know issue, but maybe it doesn’t happen to everyone? I’m using the v105 preview for the openXR.