My First FS - Newbie question - Any good learning resources?

Anyone have a good resource a total novice could check out to educate myself past the intro tutorials?

This is my first time playing a flight sim and I’m loving it so far. I’ve made it through the tutorials and flown around my town a bit, but there is so much to learn.

Flightsims have been around for awhile so I imagine there have to be some really good resources out there for new people. The tutorial was great as a total novice, but there are a lot of gauges and dials on the Cessna 152 it didn’t even cover. (what in the world is OBS?)

Start reading here:


I was really hoping for a set of lessons and a Knowledge Base on par with Microsoft Flight Sim X and feel they let people like you and I down at the moment.

We have no choice but to spend time watching YouTube videos.

I’m still mostly a noob and am making vids for noobs like me on YouTube. “NOOBFLIGHTS!”

I owe most of what I know to a handful of people here who have been doing the same over the years, to the extra Rod Machado Flight Lessons in FSX, Dovetail’s FLIGHT SCHOOL ( No longer available).

There are 8 training lessons in the sim; fly them until you get the Congrats …

They are just enough to get someone going and could be a lot more in depth.
As the OP said they didn’t cover most of the other gauges, etc. etc.

Well, if you have completed the “FS 2020 Flight School” lessons, you should already be able to control and fly a plane :wink:

The question is: What kind of training are you exactly looking for?

Of course YouTube has some good sources, but there are also ■■■■■■ ones, so be sure what kind of source you are selecting.

If you are looking for getting more in depth about procedures etc. check out your VATSIM, or IVAO division in your country! Usually they have documents, or videos to explain everything more in detail.

You can also have a look for some “virtual airlines”! Some of them have their own flight school, with experienced pilots to teach you more than just the basics :wink:

I hope this reply find you well

One of the current YouTubers, Reaction Review, is just about to start publishing a whole raft of tutorials in this sim. Frooglesim and Q8 pilot on YT have both published really well-done tutorials, albeit in a different program but they explain all the gauges etc if that’s what you need.

Happy flight-simming, welcome aboard and buckle up. You’re in for a wild ride!

I second this - these guys are all excellent.

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Write in Google or YouTube: “Cessna 152 panel explained” or “Cessna 152 panel tutorial” you’ll find tons of information, some very good some not, but soon you’ll get the sense of it.

For some real world flying check out Flightchops, P1D, and for the TBM Steve1kinevo on YouTube. It may not be step by step on everything but still good for info on flight planning, start ups and some really good camera work.

Like the creator of this thread I am too a noob and this is also my first flight sim. When you say “virtual airlines” do you think you could expand a little? The idea of someone being “in the plane with you” sounds like it could be really helpful especially to someone like me.

That’s not quite what a virtual airline is. Having someone in the plane with you would be “shared cockpit”, and currently that’s not available in the game - but they did say they want to add it.

A Virtual Airline is essentially an economic simulator/add-on. You register on a third-party website (most are free, some paid), and then you get missions to fly and/or you fly standard airline routes that your VA has decided to mimic (lots of variations here).

You fly that mission in the sim (deliver goods from EGLL to EDDF for example), and the VA’s software client tracks what you did. Successful completion gets you “virtual money”, career growth etc with the airline. It can get quite in-depth and intense. You can start out flying a Cessna and over time work your way up to a commercial airliner.

There’s a lot more to it and I’m sure others will go deeper into the details. I’ve never really done too much with VA’s - don’t have that kind of time. I like the idea though.


Blown away by all the great information here. Thanks for the recommendations.

As a complete novice it’s hard to know the good sources from the bad sources, so it’s really helpful to have some guidance.

Flight lessons in flight simulator 9 17 years ago were way more in depth then this game

Ah ok I get it, Thanks.

Well. Every airplane needs it own lessons, etc. If I remember correctly the C152 lessons even do not teach you got to use the transponder, etc.

This checklist 1978 152 II checklist.pdf is much more detailed and better than the checklist ingame, lol.

I want to be taught how to taxi correctly, and all that. The rules, the charts, the flightplants. I got an EKNON IFR at Lelystad Airport. What the … I had to do? Nothing. Even VOR isn’t explained.

For now it’s basically, some said it on Steam Forum, a 3D plane on BING MAPS which emphasis on sightseeing.

You can take the C152 lessons, but after that you learn all kind of bad habits or wrong Aviation-stuff. I want to learn how it is according to real life. Forgot my transponder? Boom Gameover.

That’s a great thought though. a shared cockpit is one of the features that was much requested in alpha. Hopefully it’s something that we get one day … I guess the devs will have to fix all the CDT and installation issues folks seem to be having first :slight_smile: I’m sure they will.

You are more then welcome :wink:

In my opinion, it really depends all about you!
What kind of a person are you? Do you like to study yourself a lot with reading lots of documentation?
Or do you simply want to watch some YT videos where others show a “how to”?

If you want to study it by yourself in a “professional” way check these two online platforms!

VATSIM (Partnership with FS2020 already published)
Pilots | → create an account and check their training department


IVAO (the second big online community - not sure what´s about them and a cooperation with FS2020)
IVAO - International Virtual Aviation Organization → check the division of your country, create an account and the same…check out their training :wink:

Haha I’d hope so too

This guy is amazing. He knows what he’s talling about, flies real airplanes, and uses MsFs 2020. In one video of his series, he gives a guided tour of the Cessna 152 flight instruments.

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