My game will not update

My game needs update to launch then sends me to Microsoft app but the app shows no update. I am logged in and other functions are updating on the app and its shows I own MSFT 2020 but shows no update. Is there a solution?

Same problem. First noticed 2021-09-12. Seen many rumors on the Internet. If many (most? all?) users are blocked from using a payed application, this IS a serious issue. A perfect way to loose your customers (some, many, most, all?)!

At least some communication about when and how this issue will be solved, would be extremely welcome.

Go here: Xbox Game Pass for PC | Xbox

Download the app, install, login to Xbox. Then start the MS Store and the update should appear, give it a minute or two.

Failing that, the official guides are here:

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No need to buy Game Pass. Just get the Xbox App from the MS Store, launch the sim from inside that, then follow the prompts. The Store will update the core files and then proceed as usual.

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See this Known Issue:
KNOWN ISSUES (Last update: Sep. 8th, 2021) – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (