My HP Reverb G2 just died

Hi Guys, my G2 headset was working very nice until yesterday.

i wanted to make a flight and i noticed that the G2 headset just was not longer being recognized. I started some research in the internet, do some troubleshooting options but until today i have no reaction what so ever. I was impressed however, about the extended troubleshooting list for this headset. It seems this headset have many problems regarding the connectivity.

so the first questions i had was to identified the root cause, is my power cable damaged? (no because i still get he white light on), is the C port and the display port which got damaged in my graphics card? ( i don’t think so, because i don’t get any warnings by looking at the ports in the device manager…). So at the moment my conclusion is that something went bad with the headset or product itself.

At the moment i see no option that to ask for the product guarantee.

Has someone else face a similar problem?

Just to share with you, this is what i have tried so far:

  • windows is up to date (21H1)
  • Nvidia driver up to date (466.63)
  • USB ports up to date (over device manager)
  • Originally, i was connecting through a C port direct in the graphics card (Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti), i tried to connected with the USB adapter (C to A) to other 3.0 USB slots, but no reaction whatsoever.

I appreciate any advice of comment if you have experience something similar.

Thanks a lot

What is the error number you get?

I don’t even get to that part because my PC does not recognize that a headset is connected

Did you try on another PC - any. Just to see if it can be recognised?

Have you already checked if the cable at the headset (the headset connector on the left side above the left lens) itself is still well connected?

Try disconecting the cable from the headset .Be careful putting it back in.Unplug it first from power supply.

yep, i tried it with my older PC but not reaction

yes, just double check again and is well connected

HI Stretch, yes as proposed by Moa, i see no issue here, it made a click so i know is good connected

Sorry to say - seems it’s dead

No one here can help you, contact support, if you’re still within warranty they’ll probably send a replacement headset.

yep, will do that :smirk:

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Good luck and perhaps report back.

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Because you’re not seeing an error code (typically 4-1) it might be the headset, however HP will most likely replace the cable in the first instance because they have a notorious failure rate. Mine died a couple of months ago and I’m still waiting on a replacement, depending on country - lead times are up to 3 months.

Couple of other suggestions:

  • Update your BIOS
  • Use an external USB hub
  • Disconnect all other USB devices
  • Remove the Hololens device from Device Manager and reinstall
  • Reseat your DisplayPort cable
  • Check if the white LED is showing on the connector box
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oh so you had almost the same problem as i have at the moment? just from one day to another is just dead…

Not exactly, I was receiving a 4-1 error consistently which indicates a cable issue. I spent days trying to resolve the issue and eventually had to turn to HP for a replacement. If you check out the Reverb G2 subreddit, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

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Sent mine in to be repaired and got a note that it would be back in a 4days, after a week and a half and no updates, I opened a complaint with HP and found out they had no ETA on the parts needed for repair because they had no spare parts. They sent the old one back which I had to return to them and they overnighted a new one to me. Contact their support and they’ll overnight a box to you (if it’s still under warranty) and it’ll be overnighted to their repair center. Hopefully they now have spare parts.

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I had a similar issue that was recently resolved. My G2 was no longer being recognized. Would not power up. HP tried a replacement cable at first, acknowledging this had been the problem with some units. That didn’t work so they RMAd me a new unit.

I will contact the third party company which sold me the HP headset, will see what happens. I would definitely like to have this headset again, was very happy with it but it seems there are many problems from the connectivity point of view that needs to be optimized by HP

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I had exactly the same thing. One day working, next day completely unrecognized with WMR saying no headset connected. I also went through trying different USB ports, but nothing, and the power box was powered on.

Long story short I contacted the company I purchased it from (here in the US) and they immediately offered either a refund or a replacement and indicated that this wasn’t the first time they’d seen the issue.

I took the replacement and that has worked fine (so far) for me. From what I could tell some of the issue is with the main cable and the rep suggested that I try not to keep it coiled up, so it’s draped around the room now. Hopefully it will last!

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