My last two attempted flights with PMDG's 737-800 have resulted in the game freezing and becoming fully unresponsive as soon as I level out at cruise altitude

Have you disabled/removed all your mods and add-ons?


Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?

n/a - Xbox Series X

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My last two attempted flights with the 73-8, both since latest beta update, have frozen the game right at cruise altitude. Cruise altitude was selected on the Nav Log screen in the World Map when planning flight, and also entered into the FMC when programming the flight in-sim.

Does not crash back to Xbox dashboard, just totally freezes. Will not respond to any inputs from my controller or joystick. Audio is either continuing, or looping, but unable to continue the flight in any way. Trying to use the launcher to go back to my Xbox dashboard does not resolve it. Trying to use the launcher to launch another Xbox game and then go back to MSFS results in the game loading up from the Asobo screen, flight gone.

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Launch 737-800 at a scenery-intensive airport, cold and dark. Perform start-up procedures. Fly the flight plan.

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Xbox Series X, Honeycomb Alpha XPC, Honeycomb Bravo, Turtle Beach Flight Stick, Turtle Beach Rudder Pedals, Axair MIAP AP box, keyboard, mouse, Xbox controller

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I am having the same problem with Horizon 787-9 and LVFRA321

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Just now when using A320NEO V2, this problem occurred again

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Today, PMDG had this problem again. It froze after taking off, and the GPU usage was 0%. The process could only be forcibly terminated.


Had the same problem, I found if I press the windows icon on the keyboard MS2020 unfreezes.

Thanks for contributing to the thread, please make sure to vote as well! Sorry this is happening to you guys too. It’s been a little disheartening when trying to decide if I want to take all the time to program a fun flight when I’ve had them end like this lately.

Same issue for me on every flight I’ve had since initializing the beta. A fair bit frustrating with PMDG but I do appreciate the accessibility of the new A320 to quickly set back up midflight

This problem seems to be solved after I turn on the game mode on my computer. hope this can help you.

I’m on console currently with game mode + HDR enabled. But maybe I’ll try turning it off and back on to see if it fixes any issues