My MSFS install from Xbox app is not working, please help!


My MSFS install from Xbox app is not working, please help!

So, I got my new gaming laptop recently and I got it so it could run Microsoft flight simulator 2020. I downloaded the Xbox app, and I pressed install on the MSFS game and I press download it then just shows me this, but it says that:

and it never stops saying that. I don’t think that should be happening as I watched a tutorial and it’s only a few mb download and then download the full game within the game. My PC is all up to date with updates and software also my Xbox app to. I have no idea what’s happening, and I hope someone can help me with this issue.

1 Restart PC.
2 Install Gaming Services
3 Restart PC.
4 Launch xbox app and install msfs.

I can’t download gaming services

Why mate???

no install thing

Fix problems with apps from Microsoft Store

I did those steps but nothing

1 Enable Administrator account.

2 When done - log off
3 Log in to Administrator account
4 Switch from a local account to a Microsoft account

5 Restart PC
6 Log in to Administrator account
7 Uptate OS via Windows update
8 Run ms store app - sign in
9 Update all apps
10 Restart PC
11 Log in to Administrator account
12 Install gaming services
13 Restart PC
14 Log in to Administrator account
15 Launch Xbox app
16 Install msfs

It all started Tuesday morning with a message “MS flight simulator can’t open because it cannot be found. the storage device might be missing or disconnected.”

Since its installed on the c_Drive it can’t be disconnected. Day before I used it without any problems and I logged about 100hrs flying time without any problems since installation.

I’m using FS Deluxe DVD Edition, upgraded to the 40th anniversary, and on a PC with W10 Home 22H2. Using Explorer I can see that there are appr, 157 GB in the …/Users/…/MSFSPackages directory, which matches nicely with FS installation, so I’m pretty sure MSFS is there somewhere.

Till yesterday lunchtime MSFS was essentially the only program on that PC, but yesterday afternoon I installed Macrium Backup software and Visual Studio 2022.

Unfortunately I don’t have a backup of the c-drive, that’s why I downloaded and installed Macrium Reflect 8. If I had an up to date image copy I would have restored it and be done with it.

The next day I spent most of my time searching for solutions on the net and FS forums and applied what I thought maybe reasonable, like

Checking Windows updates - its up to date

Reboot - made no difference

Uninstall - reinstall Xbox app - made no difference

Uninstall - reinstall Gaming Services - made no difference

One suggestion was to reset the app - made it worse (the FS icon stopped doing anything)

Some observations: Under Windows Settings - Apps - there is still an entry ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator - DVD content 101 GB’

In Xbox Microsoft Flight Simulator shows up as ‘owned’, but gives only the ‘Install’ option, clicking on Install it attempts to install 157 GB into c:\Xboxganes which is not the right one.

I logged the problem with flightsimulator/ They came back pretty quick, but apart from offering general troubleshoot advice (which I did without success) suggested to contact Microsoft support, and I’m sure I need some help with it.

I contacted Microsoft support, they checked my PC, but they think its an XBOX problem

So any help is appreciated, my gut feeling after working 40+ years in IT as software developer, is that one of the installation above corrupted FS2020, but how can I check/fix it?

That did not work

Hi Curt,
if nothing helps, I would try to help you via Teamviewer.
I am not an expert, but managed to help a lot of people here in the forum.


Uninstall and restart PC.

Open ms store app > click profile icon > app settings.
Turn on offline permissions

Restart PC

Install msfs.

did not work

It is now four days , that I offered my help via teamviewer,no response.
Obviously it isn’t that urgent.

How can i do it how to install?

Download and install xbox companion app.

Open xbox console companion > sign in.
Click search icon and type microsoft flight simulator

Under “xbox console games” click microsoft flight simulator.
Click - view in Microsoft Store

If that was meant for me, just download Teamviewer freeware and you must have
a headset to communicate.


No not working should i buy it on steam? last option


Check via account named Administrator.

Obviously he doesn’t want help!
Otherwise he would have contacted me!!!