My PC Specs : What am I missing to run MSFS 2K in 4K - Ultra?

GeForce optimizes the game configuration for 4K but is not ultra mode and I get @30-40 FPS. Also visuals are not that sharp.

When manually configured to 4K Ultra mode, I get @ 10-15 FPS.

AMD 2700X (PCIe 3.0)
MSI RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio
850W PS
Monitor: HiSense 4K - 43"

I had built this PC as a workstation, but now using it for MSFS(upgraded Video Card only).

Thoughts on what level of PC optimization that I may need to run in Ultra mode?

amd 5600x


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Thanks. Hard to find 5000 series processor …hopefully will be available soon.

probably worth staying away from Geforce optimization as well, generally it slows things down and is a worse experience. This may be whats making your image softer at the moment, but difficult to say as sharpness/softness is a very subjective thing really.

I run at 1440p currently on a 2070 super and a 3750X but will probably go with a 3080TI (when launched) and a 5600x when available (so that probably gives me a year to save… I keep telling the kids that eating is overrated anyway :wink:)

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We can struggle and update our hardware as much as we want…
The problem lies within the graphics engine of MSFS…

Might interest you:

This is strictly subjective. I am running i5-8400 + 2060 Super + 32GB 2666 at 1080. I have most visuals on high and ultra with, what I consider, inessentials dialed back. I have exceptionally smooth 28-35 fps in all but the most dense environments.

I am very aware that some individuals are very fps sensitive and although we have all been watching TV our entire lives at 60hz and now some monitors go as high as 240hz. Most content is either created at 24fps or 30fps. The faster refresh rates are simply the number of times the screen is redrawn. No advantage is had from drawing the same frame 10x per second (240hz).

Understandably, when gaming, more unique frames in less time will allow us to have a significant advantage when trying to spot the sniper hiding in the upstairs window. The conditioning we have toward higher frame rates providing a “smoother” experience effects everyone differently. Scenes with lots of motion are factually smoother but most of us won’t really notice.

It is one of those things where you cannot compare your experience with someone else. I prefer having sharpening turned off. Others say it is too blurry. Looks natural to me. I recently read where an MSFS user went to his friends house and thought his MSFS looked pixelated. His friend thought it looked perfect.

Moral here? Don’t put much stock in how some else describes their visual experience of the sim. Set it up to what looks best to you. You may find 30fps is silky smooth and the clouds look like fluffy cotton. Your friend may look over your shoulder and ask how you can play with all the stuttering pixelated clouds.

I replaced old High Speed HDMI cable to Ultra High Speed - 2.1 certified. With 4K - Ultra mode, I got up-to 35 FPS without any issue. I tried my local airport and Dubai International. Rendering was smooth.

Now that HiSense TV Monitor(43") is HDMI 2.0, max transfer rate is 18 GBit/sec.

So I am guessing to take full advantage of RTX 3080, I will also need monitor with HDMI 2.1 for speed, better refresh rate and G-Sync support.

Seems like CPU with PCIe 3.0 is fine for now but will be good idea to upgrade to PCIe 4.0 compatible system.

I gave up on Ultra, but I get great framerate with GA planes running on 4K/mostly High.

This is a fairly taxing area, with Orbx Sydney landmarks.