My review of Seoul City pack by SamScene3D

Here’s my review of Seoul city by SamScene3D.

Since Korea is pretty poor in the default sim (not necessarily MS’s fault, Korea has really strict laws about maps), I was really happy to see an add-on developer helping out there. Now I just hope that someone makes Incheon and Gimpo airports at some point :smiley:

PS: I asked the community team whether it was ok to post these here before doing so, just to be sure :smiley:
PPS: As a general disclaimer all of my reviews are based on a review copy provided by the developer/publisher.


Same here. but for some reasons even though I purchased the new scenery I can’t see any change

Sorry if I ask something obvious, but are you sure you’re looking in the right place?

A lot of people think Seoul is close to the coast because of Seoul Incheon airport, but that’s the city of Incheon, which is not covered by this package.

The area covered is East of the Seoul Gimpo airport.

Thank you. This is very confusing. Incheon and Seoul :slight_smile: So I had to to go to Kimpo airport and look around at real Seoul :slight_smile: Yes every thing is fine now.

No problem, it’s a very common mistake I hear :smiley: