My Scenery looks horrendous

I have no clue what’s wrong with my scenery it looks blurry and disgusting makes the game unplayable. Everything on Data is turned on, my download is above the recommended speeds, changing the settings has done nothing. This has been bugging me, any help would be appreciated.

Just thought I’d make a comment regarding poor scenery. I recently experienced scenery that I thought wasn’t up to the hype and considered it was to do with my 30gbit connection to the Internet. I recently found that the use of Bing data had been turned off by some event that happened in the past and I didn’t realise it. Once I turned it back on, the graphics are simply amazing. This option is found in the Data tab of your settings.

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What altitude are you at?

Haven’t done any GPU driver updates that’s reset any GPU settings?

around 20,000-25,000 FT not sure all I know is I have the latest drivers.

25000 Ft Above HD Wallpaper | Background Image | 1920x1200 | ID:447413 - Wallpaper Abyss (

To be honest after comparing it with various images taken of 25,000 feet it doesn’t look that bad in my opinion.

Had the same problem. The updates for MSFS changed my settings sometimes.


I also have the omnipresent spikes.
Following the latest (small) update, I have these

horrendous shapes (only in USA it seems).

Did you check what I noticed in my post before? Had the same issue after the latest update.

I checked the Bing data, it was ok, so that is not the cause.
Thanks anyways.

What´s about the internet speed and the gpu memory?

Internet speed is OK, GPU & CPU normal.
I noticed that playing with BING & Photogrammetry could change everything: switch them on, then off, then on again, could work and the scene is OK. It is quite weird!

When I cancel photogrammetry, it seems OK.

So I guess I will continue this way for the time being…

This is what I get without photogrammetry

Looks like google or bing in 3d for me. Without photogrammetry it look´s really horrible when you´re in the air.

Yes it’s true, but right now, that’s the best (or least horrible) I can get!

I have the same when I fly low over LA oder other cities which 3d build in bing. But it looks better than germany from a little higher altitude :slightly_smiling_face: And remember - It´s a Flightsimulator :grin:

Yes, I remember :smile:
Well, it will get back to normal with the next update I bet.
Have a great flight today!

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