My thoughts after "calming down"

So honestly I was pretty upset at first. I thought my draw distance was terrible. I went back and looked at some old videos of mine, and it seems like the draw distance is fairly similar, but the popp-ins make it much more obvious. The typography outside of the draw zone might have a little less fidelity, but I’m not sure. I have had two CTD but I haven’t been playing a whole lot. According to pmdg something happened with a texture channel that was turned off and should be turned on in a future update? Not sure what that means. I’ve noticed flying over large cities that it takes a long time for the photogrammetry to load in. Maybe that’s a server issue with all the additional players now online? I will say, cities in the distance do not show up the way they used to, which sort of breaks some immersion. I have faith that asobo will address these issues. All that being said, PC players are the bread-and-butter of flight simulators. I’m sure they know that most of the Xbox users will probably drop off over the next few months so I will definitely give the developers the benefit of the doubt.


Yes, I agree, the majority of the xbox gamers will go off the sim within the next few weeks/months. It’s the PC simmers who buy the add ons and the ones who will stick with the sim. So Asobo have to do what the PC simmers want.


I was actually thinking about this and discussing it with a friend of mine. I totally agree, I don’t see msfs having longevity for the casual gamer.


Yeah, now I’ve thought about it, and having read the Q&As, I’m prepared to give them a bit more time.
I’m less annoyed about the fact that it was done, as I am about the way it was done.


It won’t, because ultimately it’s very niche, even on the PC. I hope that it’s supported on the Xbox because I am serious about it and I don’t want a PC.


I wont be dropping off,and i think you will be surprised by how many stay with this sim.


Same for me , my only hope is that they continue to support Xbox. Because I really don’t want a PC right now
It’s pretty much the only reason i got a series X.


I think they will,i used to be on pc years ago but with family and stuff i changed over to conole,and im glad i did alot less hassle :+1:


Agree there. Based on this forum owning and maintaining a PC sounds like something I definitely don’t want to do anytime soon.


In what regards LODs I have been extensively testing it for 2 days. I have found that increasing the LODs to 400 offers very good performance and a better draw distance than we had before, I recommend everyone to try it if your PC is powerful enough.

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I think a lot of you guys on PC are underestimating how long Xbox players will pay this game for, or what money they will spend on add-ons. I see a lot of assumptions being made around here about console players.

Right now, a £500 Series X is value for money compared to a PC build for the same budget, which is why a lot of people like me have been waiting for this game to come onto console. Sorry if that doesn’t make me a ‘serious-simmer’ who is only looking to crash into ma house before playing CoD.


There is a lot of people of certain age in this hobby that do not understand the importance of consoles, we pc players are not used to consoles offering the same specs as a pc. I myself had those prejudices before but after seeing how the sim performs in consoles and learning that the xbox series x is compatible with periferals and m&k I can completely see it becoming the main platform for some serious simmers.


Think about this from the perspective of an exec at microsoft.
Sure, a pure flight simulation indeed has less appeal to the casual gamer. Flight simulation has for a very long time been a very niche genre.

From this exec’s point of view what would you have to do to a flight sim in order to make it appeal to the Casual Gamer™?**

(constructive suggestions appreciated)

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They’re kinda shooting themselves in the foot though. I keep holding off from buying add-ons since every update seems to break them and having things in the community folder seems to be the primary factor increasing chances of CTD.

I’m getting less and less inclined to buy add-ons, now it’s waiting to see what DX12 is going to break. Then probably ray tracing. When will the SDK be stable and updates not break add-ons any longer.

So far I only invested in a memory upgrade (which has been rendered pointless with SU5) an haven’t touched the market place. I’m don’t have a lot of confidence in that.

I hope we get a slider to reduce the aggressive culling. Atm I’m flying from Shigatse to Kathmandu over Mount Everest. EVery time I pan the camera around, the landscape changes below me. And overall it’s a much softer picture than it was before SU5, even though I have set terrain detail to 200 (I had it at 100 before SU5) and render scale to 150 (was 100 before)

Anyway, zero regrets buying the premium deluxe version at launch. It still is an amazing game, and I’m still playing it daily since release. So much to do and discover!


Optimize the game. Which eventually make it available on console. That benefits ALL platforms, including PC players (especially those not on top-end hardware) previously complaining about performance. You wanted the performance issues fixed? Done. You may not like the way its been done for now, but that doesn’t mean the developers won’t make more improvements and bug-fixes.

Also, make the game more available, in this case, via Game Pass and eventually, xCloud. I’m not seeing how more players playing the sim is a negative to PC players.


I agree with you, taking the time to tweak is it worth many times! I am so happy to have back really good impressive settings with SU5. After I was so disappointed with the default settings after the upgrade! And now you can even hunt over new york with a big plane and the fps keeps up almost as with a small plane.

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I think that a clever method to maintain the interest of Xbox users (and not only them) would be to create a series of interesting missions, with objectives and voice over. I noticed that with SU5 MS added some other tutorials. They (or third parties) should go beyond. My dream is to have the old missions of FSX remade for the new engine, it would be fantastic. KI am bit surprised that, after one year, there are still only a few missions available in the market. I have (and can recommend) the VFR and IFR Academy series.

For a casual gamer you need to incorporate arcade controls and planes they can relate to. I would want to fly an xwing from Star Wars or the plane from Nintendo’s Pilotwings as a casual. Its what makes Super Smash Bros such a popular game but looked down upon by serious fighting game players.

I purchased MSFS for Xbox because I wanted a sim. Not a casual flight game.


On a gaming site I frequent there was a lot of hype for FS2020, for its visuals. In the end, only a few tried it out, came with the usual “hmm doesn’t look as good as the trailers, this missing, that missing, doesn’t look good up close”, then what do I do now.

Those few posts got drowned out by the excitement for halo infinite beta, the same day already, and I haven’t seen FS2020 mentioned anymore 2 days after launch.

I’m sure there will be plenty people on XBox that will enjoy FS2020 for longer, yet it will be a niche title, just like it is on PC and probably even more niche.

Or maybe not, GT Sport still manages to keep over 30K people engaged online every day in a broken sport mode, much more than iRacing. And GT Sport hasn’t seen any significant updates for well over a year. Some people built serious racing setups to play that game. (to move on to iRacing as PD has pretty much abandoned fair racing in GT Sport)

It’s a tight balancing act. Please the casual crowd (in GT Sport’s case, allow ramming and other bad behavior in races) or please the serious simmer with strict rules and/or more realistic simulation (casual lose interest, budget tightens)

GT Sport failed the more serious racers and they have been leaving more and more (including me) but it’s still doing well so long after release. Which way will FS2020 go. Hopefully both crowds will be catered to, and I don’t mind switching between full on simulation and some casual exploring either or goofing around landing an A320 in St Barthelemy.

Xbox user here and I have no intention of dropping off. I’ve moved from PC and have absolutely no regrets at swapping PC for an excellent port that performs well and has all the plug and play convenience that I love about consoles.

If you look past the frankly lazy stereotyping of console users as only interested in shooting or crashing planes, you might be more optimistic about the long term success of flight sim on Xbox. A cursory look on other gaming forums and on social media, where console users are by and large over the moon and enthusiastic about the sim, would suggest that predictions of an imminent dropping-off may be disappointed.