My trees look weird

Not a moan, but it does take away somewhat from the sense of immersion. I live in Tasmania, which unlike mainland Oz, is a cool temperate climate, but still covered in eucalypts, with a mix of local trees and bushes not found elsewhere. Yet everywhere around Hobart say, you see lots and lots of tropical palm trees and big green thingies that don’t look like gum trees. Ironically, the only place that doesn’t have a palm tree in all the photogrammetry loveliness is my place, which in real life has a really big one, lol.

My point to this thread though is that the immersion would be better if generic auto generated trees could be better modelled for the country and latitude they are shown in. The trees generally in Tasmania say are far too green and European looking, not like the blue haze of a eucalypt forest at all. Given that half our island is nothing but trees, it does look a bit odd.

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