Nasty FPS drop and lagging on take-off and landing

I have had the problem with photogrammetry since SU5. Unplayable with photogrammetry on. This fixed it for me. Thank you very much for the fix.

Thanks very much for sharing. I didn’t have any performance issues and or shutter. I did however had Photogrammetry issues whereby when set to “On” and hit “FLY” the flight will not load it would just sit there trying to load. I finally gave up and just set it to OFF in order to fly.

With this change it actually fixed it and I can now fly with Photogrammetry set to ON and with no drop in performance. Hopefully this will work for others experiencing the same issue I had.

Thanks again.

Hi I am new to MSFS and the forum. I have a relatively high spec machine, I7 11700K, 3080Ti SSD 980Pro, 32Gig 3600Hz Ram. I have been running MSFS in VR and up until last Thursday all was good. When I used MSFS on the following Saturday it was slow to load the flight, 5mins opposed to the usual 1 minute and when I got into the sim it was horrendous, lagging and stuttering like 1 fps and unplayable. If you stay with it and get off the ground things inprove but again still very poor. This is the same for VR and PC mode. I have read the threads and will try the suggestions but if anyone else has experienced this only recently I would be interested to know if you have foud a cure? Thanks in advance.

Yep worked for me as well!

The Windows and MSFS reinstall didn’t work for me. I had an OS crash (tried win11, didn’t work, went back to 10 and it ruined everything).
Long story short, there is a bug. I have PG off and the FPS is a lot higher. I have it on and the FPS tanks.
Now, I am going to delete those files as mentioned above and will report back from KJFK.

OK, Just deleted those files and it did nothing for me at all.
Was it my rolling cache or something else?

Still experiencing major lag when landing after SU9…

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Replying to report same problem for a couple of months now.
PG off - > no issues on ground, PG on, 6 fps until 200ft AGL. then goes to 45+

Tried everything suggested minus the Windows reintall.

Once you apply this fix, does it stay ‘fixed’, or does performance degrade again over time requiring deleting these files periodically?

I found a solution to all my stutters and almost all lagging,I built a new pc as my old one was under specs.Now all is ok and I’m only running the RTX 3050…

I have RTX 3070 with R5 5600X and no matter the graphics setting (Low or Ultra) I still get the stutters.

I wouldn’t push it to ultra,but I have noticed that with third party airports there is a fps drop when using the drone to face East but no longer the expletive inducing problem it was.I get the odd micro-pause but it goes before I can curse,have you got the latest graphics driver and ALWAYS do a clean install.Don’t use geforce experience it can cause problems,I don’t even have nvidia control panel on my new build but am running the Ryzen 7 3700x and also using the Samsung 970 evo plus M.2 drive…

That’s true. When I uninstall ORBX’s Innsbruck, the stutters get way better. The problem is that every handcrafted airports suffers with this, even those made by Asobo/Gaia etc. I’d have to uninstall all world updates since the airports are part of that.
To me it’s a lousy optimization by Asobo which hammers the CPU way too much.

Also, when flying the Fenix A320, every time I experience the stutter while landing, or at the ground, it borks the controls and plane thinks I want to go-around which triggers a master warning and disengages my auto-brake. Sounds like a major bug to me.

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That is strange,I have had the odd single fps whilst at EGLF with the Burning Blue Designs version installed and using the drone but wierdly still silky smooth since my new build.I’ve spent two years on that previous build and couldn’t get near an airfield without massive frame drops,let alone land.I have wondered if I’d just stuffed the RTX 3050 into it how much of an improvement there might have been.Simhanger put up a video a while ago on youtube explaining how best to implement Nvidia control panel,perhaps you can get some improvement from watching that…Good luck…

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