Navigraph in VR (workarounds)

Dear fellow VR Enthousiasts,

I tried a lot of things to get Navigraph in VR with me. Unfortunately there is no plugin for Flight Simulator avaiable that I know of.

I tried a few things to get it to work. And today I found two ways that actually work okay-ish.

So navigraph gives us three options.
The Ipad/Android App, The Windows app, The Cloud App.

The cloud app… I tried using Maximus template to hook the cloud app / web page to an ingame panel (the same way lnmp and skyvector work).
The page opens but I can’t login because Navigraph thinks I have no internet connection.

The Ipad app… How to get the Ipad into Flight Simulator.
Well, I downloaded Airserver (which has a 30 day trial) and used my Oculus app to open Airserver as a panel in VR. My ways of interacting with it are physically touching my Ipad. This works but I have no idea where my fingers are on the Ipad screen.

The Windows app… As of now this is the best solution.
Open the windows app in VR using Oculus home and position it where you like.
Then get back to the game and whenever you need to use navigraph, use Alt+tab to switch focus.
You will remain in VR and the Yoke/Sidestick will still have input into the game.
The keyboard and mouse however focus on the Navigraph app.

I know people could have just figured this out for themselves, but I wanted to share this anyway for those who haven’t thought of these workarounds yet.

Bonus: I also found this: GitHub - bergziege/msfs_debgz_scratchpad: Simple MSFS 2020 toolbar for taking notes while flying in VR
With a little tinkering you can get it to work with IIS (webserver on win10).
I now have a (mouse) notepad with me in VR, it accepts keyboard input but if I press spacebar it also recenters my VR view.


How does this work? You focus the scratchpad with the mouse pointer and then you can type away like in notepad?

Yes and no. You click on the white text field so you have a cursor.
Then you can type away but all the key bindings will also be in affect meaning ie. typing a B will toggle the Parking brakes and L toggles the Lights. But at least we have something to take notes with in VR…

Thanks. Access to and interaction with a chart app is much needed!


You are doing exactly what I described here: VR, immersion, charts, VATSIM, etc

Run the Windows version in a VR panel, then ALT-TAB when you need to interact with it. Works pretty good this way.

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Does it work on HP Reverb G2?

It does if you follow steps I outlined in my linked thread above