Navigraph vs Free?

What is the advantage of a $100 subscription to Navigraph vs the free information that is available ? Simbrief, Skyvector, LNM…etc.etc…

What am I missing ?

It appears there is integration into Working Title CJ4…for Navigraph but ok…

Just personal preference and easability…


For an annual subscription for just the data, which is currently a fairer comparison with the NavBlue offering, Navigraph charges 25.90Euros+VAT.

The additional charge adds the charts, which, as of yet, are not being provided by NavBlue.

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Depends on your sensitivity to accuracy. There is a lot of content not included in the NavBlu pkgs.
The biggest advantage is the access to all available plates/charts. If you are using LNM with the base pkg pulled from MSFS then you will probably be happy until you want to fly IFR into a location not included in their DB.

Skyvector are charts for US only. Simbrief no charts at all.

100$ now?!

Ah yep… 90€ complete. Hasn‘t changed


I am Happy to pay for Navigraph subscription, always happy to contribute to freeware such as Simbrief…I think these tools enhance my IFR experience

Between Navigraph FMS Data Annual Plan (no charts - it’s just under 40 USD) plus Little Nav Map, I’m all set. LNM shows all the data from Navigraph, including the correct and existing IAPs, SIDs/STARs etc.

Since August launch, one of my home fields had never shown up in MSFS’ Navblue database with it’s existing VOR and RNAV approaches (both runways). Seb finally reveals they’re getting up to date AIRAC cycles, and I hurridly check MSFS - they’re STILL not available on the Flight Planner, yet LNM clearly shows them existing. It’s ridiculous.

I load the Navigraph FMS, and bingo, all four are available for selection inside the sim Flight Planner and LNM.

The situation around Navblue…is ludicrous. If you are even trying to get a reasonable semblance of IFR procedural flying, Navblue ain’t gettin’ it done as the meme says.


I get it all in one place, I can integrate it into the FBW and Salty, will be integrated with the CRJ, I get the charts app which is a phenomenal one-stop-source of information, I can also track the flight in the app. So many reasons why Navigraph is worth it to me.


Navigraph is a worthwhile subscription. You get updated AIRAC navdata which fixes a lot of the default navaids. One particular reason why I ended up buying this subscription is because the default navdata has all the ILS localiser in almost all airports in China to be slightly misplaced to the side. So approaching them with ILS will bring you to land on the grass than on the runway.

As soon as I use the navigraph and install the mod to update the AIRAC navdata, all the Chinese Airports navaids becomes straight and will make you land on the runway correctly.

Then with updated AIRAC cycle every 28 days, you’ll get up-to-date navigation data, and having the charts is a really helpful tool to tell you how to do your approach to a certain difficult airport.


Keeping up to date is mostly a major headache and adds minimal to the sim.

Thank you for all of the replys…I believe I will now get a basic subscription to Navigraph…

Somewhat off topic, but what tablet are people using for navigraph? I’m thinking about picking up an iPad air gen 4. Can it handle it? Or can I get away with something cheaper like a Lenovo m10 android tablet for <$200.

Cheap one should be fine. I’m using my old laptop that I no longer use for it. Sometimes I use my phone, which works well but the screen is too small.

It’s just 3 clicks in total. Click to run the Navigraph client, click to remove the mod, click it again to install the latest version of the navigraph mod. And you’re done. The updates itself may be more than adding minimal things. Some of them gives fixes to missing SIDs and STARs and add new airports that was recently opened.

I started my subscription a week ago. I am kicking myself for not having it for the first 850+ flight hours I put into the sim. It’s VERY necessary. The flight planning tools(charts, airport maps, approaches, etc) are priceless. MSFS is also missing a ton of info that’s in Navigraph. Once it’s activated, the sim uses the info in it which is much more up to date and informative. BUY IT NOW!!!

As for the tablet, laptop it’s running on, a basic one will do. There’s a lot of tools in it, but it doesn’t seem to graphically-intensive.

Fly safe!


You can get all the charts in Navigraph freely - typically by going to the the web site of whatever agency controls air traffic in a given country.

The issue is that it’s inconsistent. You have to look things up. All these web sites are different. Some require logins, etc. It’s a giant PITA to say the least. Some of the data for certain countries is easy to find. For others, it’s an excercise in futility, particularly when they have sites that are in a language you don’t understand.

With Navigraph, it neatly puts all of that in 1 place for you with all the planning tools you need (at least for IFR) in 1 handy place in an easy to use, easy to read interface. For me, that convenience and ease of use right there makes it worth my subscription dollars.

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I’ve been thinking about getting the Navigraph subscription as well. I just need their app and the tool to inject the data into MSFS? Or is there other stuff to get? (already know I can load the database up into LNM.

That’s all you need. When you get the full sub, you have access to both the app and FMS data. The beta FMS data is a separate download available from the Navigraph forum

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The app has the option to connect with the sim for position updates of your plane on the charts/maps? Flight planning can be done from the app as well?

I cheap out with two free utilities:

Charfox and vfrmap

I have set them up as Chrome Apps and auto load them on every flight via Addon Linker. Does what I need and gets the job done for me most of the time. I don’t fly at study level anyway.


Yes, it has full moving map capability. It installs a small utility (Simlink) that talks to SimConnect. You can overlay full arrival charts, approach plates, etc, on the map etc and see your plane moving in real time. Same when you bring up the 10-9 to taxi around an airport.

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