Need Advice! 4K TV vs 49 inch Ultra Wide Monitor

Have you tried one?

i have a reverb G2 yes !

Nice. I am selling one after 7 months. The resolution is too low. Take a look at the Varjo V3 I think it is called, now that is proper resolution that its needed for VR. still a rubbish FOV though.

great headset.
higher resolution requires higher performance of the pc. And fs2020 itself is not really optimized for vr. not sure how this will work out at the end. vr itself is a young technology anyway. let us know how it works.

What CPU and GPU do you have with your LG OLED 48 C1? Which Resolution and Render Scale in the Sim? Which settings in the Sim and do you get min. 30 FPS? Thanks :slight_smile:

Here are my specs:
CPU - Intel Xeon X5660 OC’ed to 4.2 GHz
GPU - RTX 3080Ti
24GB DDR3 Triple Channel Memory
Running 4K (3840 x 2160) HDR10 enabled
100% Render Scale

I get a comfortable 30-40 FPS in NYC Discovery Flight

FPS can go down to 25 depending on the amount of air traffic and if you’re in a major city like NYC. The C1 Oled screen is truly remarkable. Note that my CPU is very old but still useable OC’ed with a RTX 3080 Ti.

OK, thanks! I ask, because i have a new LG OLED C1 48 TV, but i must run the sim with 4096x2160, and 100% render scale… With lower settings, the gauges and text etc. in the cockpit are blurred and not really sharp. I cant read the numbers of the Garmin COM/NAV in example… So i must always zoom in a little bit. But with this settings, my FPS are too low and i cant fly. How can i increase the clarity and sharpness (settings in game and nvidia), when i use a lower resolution oder lower render scale? I think, i must buy another GPU, used or new… Or a smaller TV or Gaming Monitor. For a 48" TV my GPU is not strong enough? Thanks!

With my 3840 x 2160 resolution, fonts are super sharp at 100 % render scale on the LG 48 C1.

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This is how much the screen chances from 16:9 - 21:9 - 32:9

Not highest Res as file to big to upload

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i9 11900k, RTX 3090, 3840 x 2160 resolution, R/S 100 on C1 48. For me, huge improvement coming from Samsung Odyssey G9. Couldn’t get use to the “warp” sides on the ultra wide. OLED brings the sim to life.

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Couldn’t go back to 16:9, huge down grade for me once on 32:9, 16:9 just to thin, will try VR at some point though :+1:

I just unboxed the Acer UHD 32" IPS 144hz HDR monitor from Microcenter. I did take out the accidental insurance as well. I came from a 27" IPS 1440p powered by i9-10900KF, Asus Tuf 3080, 32GB ram, Z490e. I recently bult another PC Specifically for MSFS @ 4K i9-11900K,Asus strix 3090, 32GB ram, Z590e. Now that I have both 2K and 4K side by side. Just my opinion of course… 27" is perfect for 1440p or 2K resolution. And 32" @ 4K is absolutely breathtaking for me. I do recommend IPS as the viewing angles are great. Sometimes I might not be directly in front of the monitor, like laying down controlling it all with the Xbox wireless controller and can still see everything clearly.