Need to use Task Manager to Quit or Shutdown MSFS

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Is anyone else finding that the sim won’t actually quit when quitting? The icon remains in the task bar, and I have to end the task manually now.

Please tell me it’s not just me?

No issues so far on Steam.

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Yes even before su8, MS store version

Yeah, MS Store version. It’s only just started happening.

Same problem…Can’t exit…Have to use Task Manager to leave program!

Same here but it’s not everytime. I think it’s hardware related

Same problem every time. It started happening since SU7

Yep same here on PC

It closes the main window when I exit the sim, but it still runs in a ghost mode, and therefore cannot be started again if I don’t kill it from the task manager.

This doesn’t happen for me every time I exit; only on occasion, or if the sim crashes. You could move your topic to the bugs & issues section if you think it’s a bug that needs to be addressed, and so people can vote on it.

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Since the last update, 90% of the time I have to quit the game via the task manager. Who else has the same problem?

Basically, I would say that the sim runs very well for me now… it just doesn’t like to leave. :sunglasses:

Having that same problem when I try to quit to main menu. Must be a new bug.

There have been several posts on that in here in the last while.

Ditto same issue, but before SU8 (Windows 11)

Judging by the title, I thought this was going to be another departure announcement post :airplane::joy:

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I’d look into any mods, liveries, software etc installed, also.
The optional Road Data G3000 Issues from WorkingTittle, will cause this. There are probably other mods that may cause this also.


Same here.

Yep, I had that too, but it did eventually quit if I waited long enough (~10 minutes).

Yep, same here too.