Nemeth Design - Schweizer S300

Does anyone tried the new Nemeth Design S300 Helicopter?

I don’t find any 8nfo about it on their Website or Photos.

Yeah, does anybody dare to buy this? We already have one bad s300, could it be two? These guys are the one who made the infamous 407 right?

I have the ultralight nemeth made and wasn’t impressed. There’s a lot less to get wrong with an ultralight than a helicopter.

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It is one of the worst developers for MSFS so only buy at your own risk.

If you ask me and based on prior experience:

  • The interior and exterior model can be good or very good.
  • In terms of systems it will be shallow.

You will never, ever get updates, bugs fixed or any form of communication from the developer.
His Yak18 product is broken and hasn’t received an update in ages.

Be careful because one hour after release this heli is already abandonware.


i dont mind the ultralight, but recent updates made it worse
my experience with the yak18 made me not want to purchase anything from nemeth

the state of the bell 407 as well as the historical lack of support for nemeth helicopters ( Lack of Support from Nemeth Designs - Product Support - Forums ) make me incredibly leery of purchasing nemeth helos

id love to be wrong, id be happy if things have turned around for the better, but im not in a hurry to buy


Yup. I’d love a Schweitzer S300, but definitely not from Nemeth these days.

They made a few decent helicopters back in the days of FSX, but the way they treat customers, lack of communication, lack of updates etc. just won’t fly these days. They got away with that at that time because the platform itself was stable and didn’t really change.

Today, you need to be an active developer, not just someone who chucks a product onto the market and abandons it.


I purchased this helicopter , tried to fly it and just flys out of control and crashes. The same issue when helicopters first came to mfs2020. I switched to legacy then back to modern but that did not help. How can they get away selling a product that does not even work? And never purchase anything from Mscenery its overpriced useless junk.

Mscenery is pure garbage.
Nemeth on the other hand is a dev that could create good add-ons but for some quixotic reason won’t.
The initial Yak18, B407 and P68 are not bad, they just have bugs things to improve or don’t work at all. The biggest problem is the dev just doesn’t exist, is unreachable and will never update any of the products.

So Mscenery can’t, Nemeth can but won’t.


I was considering trying the S300 myself, as I have found no proper review yet and the screenshots look nice. But after the first day on the Marketplace, it has six reviews with an average rating of 1.7, even worse than the MScenery stuff :frowning:


I think most of the 1 star reviews for this helicopter is the fact it wont fly. The detail isnt bad the outside up close you can see the details of the engine and etc. The beacon light if you zoom close you can see it rotating very nice detail. I wish you can open the doors but all of Nemith Design addons you cannot. So we will have to wait for an update to fix this helicopter that can take months to fix. I dont understand these addon companies did anyone ever here of quality control? When the product is finished they should check everything before its available for purchase. Also some of the controls on the heli are backwards like the cabin heater is set on by default but it shows that it is off. Im a huge fan of Schweizer helicopters and hope for an update Asap


I’m sorry to tell you that it will probably never get updated. In the best case they will make it fly and then leave it broken but flyable forever. They just don’t care.
What I don’t know, like you, is why the effort in some of the details if they don’t care at all about the product. Maybe the model is outsourced they get the model put all the default systems inside and release it then move to their next disaster.

The Yak18 is broken, never updated.
The P68 is broken, never updated (there is a mod at to make it flyable).

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I dont think i ever had an update from Nemith Designs. I thought they were dencent enough tho. There detailed and the Bell 407 did fly dencent. I guess for helicopters Cowan Simulation makes some of the best :ok_hand: They have the most features and fly very well. They are more expensive around $30 but they keep them updated.

Wow. So many people hating on a helicopter they didn’t try. I think it is very nice for the price. Did not even try the MScenery so can’t comment. Very hard to fly, but in no way uncontrollable. Start up is very good. Copilot is weird.


Lower than mscenery? That’s quite an achievement

Thanks for the review. I might pick it up :slight_smile: It’s one of my favorite helicopter airframes. As long as it seems like a solid module the price point is right for me.

Working great for me.

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We’re not hating on the helicopter - we’re being critical of the developer. A developer who has shown, with their previous actions, what kind of quality and experience we can expect.

This is a cautionary thread for developers: if you treat customers poorly, they’ll eventually stop buying from you. Nemeth will have to earn its reputation back before I ever buy another product from them.

Even if this was the best S300 and the best MSFS helicopter ever built, past experiences would still lead me to believe that it wouldn’t get proper future support.

The ball’s in Nemeth’s court. To them I say: Prove me wrong. I want you to. Show me you can stand by your product and I’ll be first in line to buy them.


Thank you Joel for your input. After reading negative feedback here and on Helisimmer’s Discord, I was very cautious. But after reading your comment, I reconsidered and bought the S300. And I am very happy that I did!

First impression, the modelling is beautiful! I started on the runway with the engine running, because I quickly wanted to know how this thing flies. First lift off, I immediately got into oscilation. Set her down, took a deep breath, tried again. Second time I was already able to get into a more or less stable hover. I spent the next ten minutes with some basic maneuvers and a quick circuit. And the S300 behaved itself quite well.

So yes, the S300 is more challenging to hover than most helicopters in MSFS. But with some patience and practice it is perfectly possible to fly it. It reminds me a bit fo the FlyInside 47G, which took me a long time to appreciate because it is so easy to get into a pilot induced oscillation.

Only negative points that I found in the first 15 minutes is that there seems to be no documentation (but nice in-sim checklists) and the copilot ineed is very weird (but only visible from the outside).

Edit: I should add that I use a Virpil joystick with 20 cm extension, a Virpil collective mounted to my chair and Thrustmaster TPR pedals. This setup makes very fine control inputs possible. I could not imagine flying a helicopter as sensitive as the S300 with a gamepad.


So if you are on xbox stay far away from this!

The 407 has had one update that made the tailrotor actually work ( something the mscenery choppers have not fixed yet ) and it made the thrust to the right worse, but since you at least can counter it in now with the tailrotor its somewhat flyable, but this made the mscenery choppers without left tailrotor worse.

Thanks for that. Can absolutely get behind not buying from developers for the reasons already stated here. I have stayed away form some developers completely for just being terrible. But I do want people to know that This heli is great. Have heard from RW pilots of the 300 (helisimer on facebook) that it is very close to the real thing and the start up is fantastic. Will we get future support? Unlikely. Just glad that a decent S300 is out now.