NeoFly 2.15.2 Career Add-on Out Now

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All credit to Neolord for developing this mod.

NeoFly is a free bush pilot mod for MFS 2020.

You play as a freelance bush pilot who takes missions from the NeoFly company.

Features :

  • 11 bush missions : cargo, passengers, VIP (don’t shake them), emergency (land the medic in a random landing zone) illicit delivery (drop “pizza” above a drop zone), secret passenger (night flight), fragile cargo (land smoothly) as well as express delivery (with a short deadline).
  • Live Emergencies: Ability to find real world events near your location and generate a mission based on it.
  • New 2 hauler missions : airlines & humanitarian
  • New Hire a pilot to do missions with your planes
  • Radio text & audio messages from the dispatch following you during the mission
  • Sound effects (passengers boarding, cargo loading)
  • 2 career modes (normal & sand box)t hat will give you access to more missions
  • Flight tracking on the map with events
  • Qualification system (pass exam to fly some planes)
  • Aircraft Market is now available.
  • Aircraft Management (Purchases, resells, repairs). The way you fly will impact the plane’s condition, you may experience surprises if you dont take care of your plane.
  • Realism is not longer mandatory, but less XP will be rewarded.
  • Free!

Neofly features 2 separate modes:

  • Career mode: You start as a bush pilot who only has access to basic missions. Can you work your way up through the ranks? As you gain money and experience you will be able purchase new aircraft, gain higher qualifications, and fly new mission types!

  • Sandbox mode: You start as a wealthy Senior Captain. You are certified to fly any type of aircraft and fly any type of mission. You also have one million dollars just waiting to be spent on aircraft. Use your money wisely!

New Features:

  • Airports from the MSFS database
  • SQLite database
  • Increased search radius for mission
  • Medium range missions
  • Multi-pilot profiles
  • Tracking tab is improved with passenger & aircraft icons
  • Hire a pilot
  • Two new long distance missions (airline & humanitarian)

Neofly 2.0.1
New update out now.

What is this Bing API key and do i need it?

  • The Bing API key is a key obtained from Microsoft giving you access to the map functionality. The default key in NeoFly has a limit of 50,000 uses per day (we are currently at 30,000).
    To make sure you will not get an error in the future when we reach the limit, you can generate your own key with your account. Follow the link below:
    Getting a Bing Maps Key - Bing Maps | Microsoft Docs

Where do i put the Bing API Key?

  • The file in which you will put your key must first be generated. Run the software once and create a profile. Then you will find the file Bing.txt in C:\ProgramData\NeoFly

How do i know if im using my key or the default NeoFly Bing Key?

  • You will see your key being used in the microsoft dashboard (Same website as the one where you get your key)

Important :

  • You must get your own Bing key for Neofly to work.

  • For the 1.4 db users, you will have to export in csv the 2.0 humanitarian spot table and import it in your 1.4 db to get them all.

New 2.0.1 features :

  • The player can now rent a plane from the market, but only aircraft the player is qualified to fly. The cost of hiring is 30% of the job earning. The player must have ⅓ of the cost of the plane in cash as a deposit but this will only be charged if you crash.
  • There is a new balance tab to see where your income and outgoings.
  • In sandbox mode, you can now fly whatever plane you load in MSFS, even if it doesn’t match the hangar.
  • Now you can trigger loading & boarding with both engine on or parking brake off A
  • New checkbox in the search panel allows you to filter missions for planes at the pilot location and current rank.
  • Humanitarian missions are now available for class B C D planes even if you arent at a hub. You just have to be at range (2500 n.m). Currently spot : Tripoli, Sanaa, Pyonggwon, La Havane, Kaboul, Haiti, Damas, Banguie

New version: 2.0.2

  • Fixed AI pilot pay not always saving correctly
  • Fixed live event checkbox interacting with match mission checkbox
  • Fixed humanitarian missions limit to 5
  • Fixed live events
  • Because now there is now Airline missions, pax & cargo missions are now suited better for long Cat C & D flight (reset missions to apply change).

New Version 2.1.0

  • New setting tab to add : Bing key, plane, airport
  • Fixed humanitarian bounced take off ending mission
  • Fixed emergency reward not in the balance
  • Adjust some missions range to cat C & D range

New Version 2.1.1

  • Fixed blank plane in AI missions grid when plane crashes
  • Fixed settings tab tooltip

New Version 2.2

  • New Tourists mission !
  • Added hard surface / grass runway filter
  • Fixed jet & airliner planes in grass airports market
  • Reset mission button is now free
  • When you land, the search ICAO is now automatically the new pilot location
  • When you click on the map icon, the mission is selected in the grid (yes, i know, so cool…)
  • Now there are 3 different icons airport on the map : grass, hard , ils
  • Fixed a CTD bug

New Version 2.2.1

  • Added random fly events (store purchase)
  • Fixed CTD if not Bing API (but you won’t be able to get Tourist missions)
  • Fixed wrong aircraft selection in Tracking tab when more than one plane at the same ICAO
  • Fixed balance bug when pilot deleted
  • Fixed missing icon on ai pilot log

Update 2.2.2

  • fixed bug that floods the log mission if no events are installed.

Version 2.2.3

  • Plane insurance
  • Fixed express delivery mission when events are activated
  • Events now come at random distance
  • Fixed few CTD bugs

About plane insurance :

  • Right click on your plane in the hangar and select “start/stop insurance”
  • You will pay a percentage per mission depending of the plane classification
  • If you crash, the insurance will pay the plane cost

Version 2.3

  • Fuel cost
  • Dark mode
  • Fixed Tourist POI bug
  • Category log icon missing
  • No more events while transit or qualifying
  • Fixed airport arrival stuck with event bug
  • Fixed overflood bug

Version 2.4

  • Trading
  • Ai trading
  • Date refactoring
  • Settings saved
  • VS on slope runway
  • ETA for AI planes
  • Airlines missions generate form everywhere to hubs
  • Airport icons replaced by airport info panel
  • Fixed CTD when not enough airports
  • Enter key is now a thing
  • New prices for Aircraft (only if you use the latest dB)

Version 2.4.1

  • Fixed market selling bug

Version 2.4.2

  • Market preview window (double click on airport)
  • In Game info text (can be activate/remove from Settings tab)

Version 2.4.3

  • Fixed CTD with in game text, at the end of a mission
  • Fixed digital to tooltip status

Version 2.5

-Fixed engine fire on long mission
-Fixed wage ai bug
-Add land anywhere if engine failure
-Fix buy weight check
-Add ai pilot plane check matching pax, weight and range mission
-Added setting for event probability
-Fixed market location bug because was an integer and not a text (wth?)

Version 2.5.1

Fixed AI mission pay bug

Version 2.5.2

  • Fixed CTD while flying with a lot of AI
  • Fixed loan CTD bug

Version 2.5.3

  • Fixed loan bug when deleting player
  • Fixed ai pay bug when NF is closed

Version 2.6

  • Freelance market
  • Hire freelance pilots with different skills
  • Freelance pilots can complete all kind of missions if they have the qualification for the plane and the rank for the mission
  • Freelance pilots can now crash, fail, success or get the bonus
  • Freelance pilots can now lose goods if they don’t get the bonus in trading missions
  • Missions and rewards re-balance
  • Currency in all tabs

Version 2.7 / 2.71

  • Jump to cockpit (works for any mission except express delivery)
  • Fixed trade info box when selection ai mission
  • Added airport fees for player landing (only for AI before)
  • mission range, type, weight and pax re balancing (should no longer be gap in distance and more low
    cardo and pax for long distance missions)
  • fixed adding cargo while plane in flight bug

How to use “jump to cockpit” feature :

  • right click on a rent job row and select “Jump to cockpit”.
  • this will bring you to mission tab and generate the right mission (don’t touch the plane combo box, you don’t need one because it is already flying)
  • load the same ai mission plane in MSFS, motor on, in the airport you want except the ai mission destination one.
  • activate the pause, deactivate the parking brake (or you will have a surprise at landing…)
  • click on “Connect & fly” : NF will place your plane at the ai plane location, altitude and heading (don’t mind the stall warning). If it doesn’t, check you have set the expected cargo.
  • Set the throttle to the wanted speed and change whatever you want (add flight plan to gps, flaps, etc) deactivate the pause, et voilà.

The ai plane will disappear, the rent job status will change to a joystick and the freelancer become idle. You can now end the mission as you were inside from the beginning. You will even get a 10% reward bonus !

Once you land, you can search for another ai plane near to landing, activate pause, and jump again, so you can chain the freelancer missions.

Important : to encourage the use of this feature, the pilot location remains the same as the one before activating the “jump to cockpit” feature.
So say your pilot is at San Francisco and you see your freelancer is about to land at New-York. You can jump to New York, and land the plane. At the end of the mission, your pilot location will still be San Francisco and not New-York.

Version 2.8

  • Added fuel management with gaz & jet prices in settings

  • Logs tab refactoring with historical on the map and reset button

  • Added runway length and light in airport info

  • Pilot tab statistics refactoring

  • Added 9 achievements

  • Fixed loan date bug with some regional formats @skudd
    Important :
    NF will check with a simple formula you have enough fuel to fly or to launch a freelancer but it is up to you to take in count wind, take-off, etc. There are nice add-ons for this.
    As the payload, it is up to you to match NF fuel and MSFS fuel, but unlike payload, it is not mandatory (no red light). Later I will try to add everything automatically by simconnect. Anyway, if you don’t have enough fuel in NF, you won’t be able to “Connect & fly”.
    In the logs tab you can now see every mission on map with a toggle button, or only one by selecting a row.
    Version 2.9

  • FBO

  • Fixed last digit fuel bug

  • Fixed bestXP not saved (but still need to restart NF)

  • Reduced insurance price

  • Added cost to starter plane so AI Insurance will work if it crash the last plane

  • Fixed negative fuel bug
    The EN & FR guide are up to date with FBO,

Version 2.10

  • New mission Search & Rescue

  • New mission Interception

  • Fixed crew balance tab bug

  • Fixed max fuel bug

  • Fixed definitively trajectory log bug

  • Fixed crash bug adding plane and paying insurance

  • Mission SAR : rush to the search zone, use the beacon beep to find the survivors. When you find them, it is a successful mission. If it is possible, you can land to take a survivor (you will have xp and reward bonus). In both case, you can land at any airport.

  • Mission interception : rush to last known position, use the map radar plots to find the plane. get closer enough to read the identification. You can land at any airport

Some info about Events package :

‘Neofly Events’ is not just 24 new sounds, but also adds 8 random events that could trigger when flying missions like cargo, express delivery, sensitive cargo, pax, VIP.

Once activated, you may hear dispatch informing you of an event or situation. This will happen randomly. Dispatch may ask you to change your destination airport because of a sick passenger, for example.

Not all ‘events’ are mandatory, in this scenario it’s up to you to decide whether to divert or proceed to the original destination. Cash bonus’s and extra XP could be gained if you choose to divert.

A word from Neolord:

NeoFly is free and we are dedicated to keep it this way, yet there are development costs, including time.

We have accepted donations and are grateful to all who have supported NeoFly, yet are not enough to sustain the development.

To make everything work together, I decided to sell NeoFly extension packs, to add new sounds to diversify the experience as well as new random events in flight. We will continue to make sure NeoFly remains independent and free for all.

I believe it is a solution to benefit all, and would allow me to free more time towards development of new features such as: plane insurance, loans, fuel management, resale business (buy and sell to the highest bidder), manage your own airline company like a guild, and why not more in-depth features in the future such as multiplayer in coop mode, or with community goals to achieve.

Thank you for your help and support


so why don’t i ever get paid any money with 1.4 ? i have 5 trips in.

Will give it a go tonight. IIRC there is a folder to copy over to maintain progress between versions?

@oTigerFeeto FYI your website is broken on some screens (Firefox MacOs).

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5 trips within 1 hour of launch… you’re super quick! :smiley:

It seems to be working for everybody else.

Maybe try a re-install and extract with 7zip.

You can copy your database across yes :slight_smile:

Lots of info on discord on how to install/edit/even hack! :slight_smile:

Install I just been clicking the application icon and it opens up and after setup plane I hear women say waiting at new base and that’s it, I will look for a install

Did a search, and didn’t find anything specific except vague descriptions of using tools directly to edit the database.

In the end I worked out you can just copy the database across to the following location, for version 1.4:


That seems to have worked nicely.

I only see Setup.exe in the 199MB download from the Neofly site.

It attempts to install MS Framework 4.6.1 in French, then a Connect dialog appears. It fails.

System.Deployment.Application.DeploymentDownloadException (unknown subtype) appears to be the error.

Any ideas? Thanks.

“New Aircraft Management (Purchases, resells, repairs). The way you fly will impact the plane’s condition, you may experience surprises if you dont take care of your plane.”

More details please. I’m very intrigued.

After pressing the install exe file, tries to install in French, windows 10 smart screen does not allow to install.

tried second installer from discord website same again.

Reverted back to version 1.3.4

If you have had problems with the installer, please try this version.

Please trying unzipping with 7zip.

And ruin the surprise… :stuck_out_tongue:

You definitively need to pay attention when flying a humanitarian mission. :wink:

With the auto updater, it installs with a warning unknown publisher

and now the desk top short cut does not work ?

how do I start the program ?

So there’s a scripted failure during a particular mission type? I’m losing interest again…

What I want to know is the scope of failures. Don’t know if you ever played FSPassengers but that had so many different kinds of failures, ranging from underinflated tyres through to bird strike on take off resulting in total engine failure. Failure rate was based off the condition of the aircraft in addition to a base failure rate you selected when starting a new game.

Now, bearing in mind MSFS2020 doesn’t contain a great deal of failure options, I’m wondering what you’ve done here and whether you’ve managed to expand things to include stuff like jammed gear that requires a thump on a runway to force it to lock. I’m also wondering what rate of failures you’ve set. In FSP, aircraft needed to be serviced every 25 hours with an expensive service every 100 hours or your failure rate would start climbing. You’d also be able to cause damage with in game actions…land too hard you can burst tyres, cause gear to collapse, etc, lower flaps / gear at too high a speed and you’ll jam them, etc.

What’s the story in Neofly? The reason I ask is I assume I’m going to have to fly for a while before anything interesting happens and don’t really want to waste 75 hours in game only to find random failures have been implemented unimaginatively.

Can ya tell I really like dealing with emergencies in flight?

Edit: P.S. FSpassengers is dead, the author hasn’t been seen in years now and an MSFS version will never happen…so I’ve just given you some free advertising over on the FSP forum.

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We’ll, I managed to get it to install, but after accepting and flying my first mission, I land and dispatcher says it was successful. Even though I hadn’t parked yet, I start to hear the unloading sound script, so I just pull the brakes and block the runway until it ends. It ended alright, with a CTD of FS. Neofly was still running though, but doesn’t appear I got any credit for that flight.


I dont think I fully understand. It could be a language thing.

Am I correct in saying you dont like failures? But you cant wait for 75 hours to pass to see what fails might happen?

Its not a huge part of the game right now but basically put, if you are rough with your aircraft it will deteriorate quicker.

You will then have to pay to overhaul it before it can be used.

There are ‘scripted’ scenarios for the humanitarian mission depending on how you fly.

I don’t know whether you’re interested in feedback but FWIW I think you’re addon has a lot of potential. I also like the bright UI and the voices. The latter adds very much to the immersion.

I’ve only had one flight so far in V1.4 but I really enjoyed it and i’m looking forward to future flights with it.

Great addon. Thanks :relaxed:

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No. The exact opposite.

FSPassangers had the following possible failures:

Improperly inflated tyres that burst on landing.
Flap jam on take off.
Gear not retracting.
Gear refusing to lock down.
Gear / flap damage if extended over Vfe.
Electrical lighting short which cut all avionics until the shorting light was turned off.
Electrical short resulting in loss of avionics with no recovery.
Slow oil temp rise after take off resulting in engine failure if not spotted.
Bird strike on take off resulting in slow oil temp rise (audible).
Bird strike on take off resulting in complete engine failure immediately.
Pressure loss at altitude.
For multi engine aircraft, one or more engines providing less power than the other(s).
Fuel leak from one or more tanks.

I think that’s it.

What wonderful and exciting situations can your Neofly create?

Also, FSP remembered where I’d parked an aircraft and had an option to move me to the right place before every flight. Can’t find an option like that in Neofly?

On a Dutch forum I am also reading about installation problems. It seems NF wants to install a French version of .NET Framework…? And during install it tries to download stuff but can’t get a connection to the server (

I am looking for something else to give some meaning to my flights but nothing it available so I was looking at NF again but I don’t think I like the new install routine… I prefer a zip like the previous versions that didn’t need to be installed. For now I will pass until I am certain the installation problems are solved.

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