NEW A-10 Thunderbolt Releasing in Marketplace today! 3-30-2023

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Tomorrow and everyday thereafter will render the title of your thread confusing. How about changing that today to today’s date or including today’s date?

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Also, stating who the vendor is, and what the aircraft offers. Is this a re-release of the MScenery A-10? I’m confused what this is that is releasing.

An A-10 with no armament? Not even the nose gun??? Will there be an armed version released through another vendor?

Yes, it is.

No it is not a re-release. Not the horrible mscenery one.

Deimos inc

His fifth (iirc) military jet release in the sim.

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I was going by the dev name on the purchase page. If people are confusing his work with some other dev with a “less than stellar” reputation, I would humbly suggest a rebranding…

Releasing, as in will release/be available tonight.

Thursdays is when marketplace releases new product.

Should be available to all in a few hours.

Then, it will be “released”.

I edited the thread title to be more clear.

Here is a first look video I just made. Not a review, just a first look.

Show off the 12 liveries. Cockpit and interactive switches/buttons. Show the external pov. Sounds of the aircraft and a brief flight showing flaps, air brakes, rolling, and apparent top speed.


MScenery A-10 was a joke, actually got my purchase refunded!

That’s normally not much of an improvement over MScenery … But I must say the videos don’t look too bad.

Armament of any kind isn’t allowed on the Marketplace. Not even visual gun barrels or mock-ups.
In this case it’s kind of ridiculous because the A-10 is considered to be basically a very big gun around which someone has decided to build an aircraft.


flying canon, turned into the flying camera


Yeah. He used a big camera with a similar cylinder as the gun to insinuate that’s where the gun would be and how big it is.

@Ramduck66 lol

A camera so powerful they built a plane around it!


If you’re on PC just download DCS for free and buy the A-10C II Tank Killer. You will get a fully functional A-10 and probably the best simulation experience in the history of commercial flight sims.


Is there a manual for this aircraft?


Manual? How do you get your name on the aircraft?

I have the Mig29 and the Su57 from Deimos, both were in my own terms “horrible”, the Mig textures are really very poor, the Su57 has better exterior textures but the interior textures are terrible again.

Now this is something different, it looks quite good and has a lot of things simulated, I know it is far from perfect or study-level but I hope its previous products and reputation won’t hurt this dev because it seems he really wants to improve on the quality of their models.

I’m going to risk saying this is quite a decent A10!

Hopefully this will lead to some improvements in the other planes too!