New engine stops

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My God

How many more times will I have to endure this nightmare: Today again, both the Extra 330 LT and other aircraft, as soon as I put them on the runway for takeoff, in less than a minute, engine stop. I start, but again it stops and so on and so on. If I start the flight at altitude, exactly the same problem, will this nightmare never end?

Regards: Delfin

Off the wall, do you have button, doubled assigned, and that is causing this issue? Just a thought. Otherwise, I aint got a clue. Double assignments of buttons are common especially if any honeycomb products because the software interacts with the game and makes some buttons/switch device only operation. It overwrites keyboard actions, or mouse actions, so could be assigning double assignment. You might check all button assignments. If X-Box, this won’t work.


I remember these nightmare posts…

The issue is still open, why not discuss futuremore within the existing topic ?

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No double or multiple assignments to joystick, mouse, keyboard,etc. It had been working properly for about a month; if there were multiple assignments, it would have failed many times in this time interval and, last night it worked perfectly, just today turn on the PC, load the Sim, and with plane on the runway, the engine stopped, as described in my topic. Now the engine simply stops, but it does not have more complex anomalies as it had in the past: it accelerated and decelerated by itself, something difficult to understand, now it simply stops; I turn it on and it stops again no matter where the plane is located.

I have also noticed other Asobo aircraft engines stalling, and even third party engines, such as**: Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, Eurofighter Typhon, Vertigo, etc.**

Hi @MichaMMA

In your reply I see a certain confision (which perhaps comes from the beginning of my description). At the end you describe me the components of my PC. That is my PC. and it is Steam version and I have developer mode. I understand that sending videos and images in this case is unnecessary.

Anyway, I could relate comments that were made to me from the Fora in previous failures, but I have verified those comments, and in my case they are not true. Those comments stated that especially the Extra 330 flying at altitudes of 3000 feet or higher, presented this failure. I have flown at all kinds of altitudes and never had an engine stall; I don’t deny that in some cases, it was true, but in mine, it was never true.

And of course this latest failure was not due to any assignment or modification I made. I had not touched anything at all for a month. I am very convinced that these failures are produced by Asobo’s modifications, naturally solving anomalies in other aircraft; it is the only reasonable and logical explanation, especially in my case.

Anyway thanks for your contributions, but I am more than surprised, perplexed. Never with FSX, nor with Aerofly, nor with X-Plane, I never had a single engine stall.

Kind regards: Delfin

Hi Delfin…

I not wrote that itself, it is just a link to your own already existing topic in which you already reported your issue about engines shutdown and you have 2 votes on it.

Because you now created a duplicate topic for same issue, you split the votes and the collected knowledge about. A moderator might possible merge the topics togehter.

Today worse than yesterday, in addition to what was reported yesterday, today in the small intervals of time that the engine remains on, it goes to jerks coinciding with the blue color gasoline mixture enriching handle), enters and exits at high speed but NOT uniformly. Logically, these jerks coincide with the inputs and outputs of this blue handle.

Regards: Delfin