New menu for aircraft submodels/variants

  • Can you add a new menu for submodels?
    There are quite a number of aircraft with minimal differences between them. It would be good if you select DA40, and then in the next menu choose what submodel you want. This would make the list less cluttered.

  • Bonus points if we can rearrange the models ourselves. I can see it becoming messy again if I buy the A319 from one dev and the A320 from another. I want to be able to categorize and adjust tags myself.

I love the sound of what you just said! Great idea.

Having a menu in Customization or even a tab under ‘Liveries’ called ‘Variants’ would be a nice QoL feature.

Currently the game has multiple options for the same aircraft. It’s pretty ugly and having an endless scroll bar of 5 of the same aircraft is going to get ugly when new aircraft gets introduced.

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Now we have “stock” variants of aircraft, it becomes noticeable how they kind of clog up the aircraft selection menu. It might be nicer if float and ski variants were selected from a side menu much like liveries are.

I’ve noticed the triangles (next to each Spec) change from up to down, and from white to red. If for example, the DA40NG had one Up Arrow & 3 Down Arrows…would that aircraft fly poorly? Can it be improved to 4 Up Arrows to fly??

What are you talking about? :smiley:

Those arrows indicate whether that aircraft is faster/has a longer range/… compared to the current selected aircraft.

Want to turn it in 4 up arrows? Select the Savage Cub and you’ll have 4 up arrows on most aircraft. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for your prompt response!

A few days ago, I noticed the TBM930 having 4 down arrows in red. That’s one of my favorites, and thought it was in bad shape.

My thought was that the positioning and color of the arrows for a given aircraft, changed from day to day.

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Another useful feature is to sort aircraft by speed.

Another missing feature is the text auto-scroll in the aircraft names. I have resized the text in the accessibility menu, so I can see better from the couch, but the majority of aircrafts have bigger names than the space allocated, so there is missing info. This is particularly annoying when choosing between the Cessnas 172, because the info for glass or steam cockpit gets hidden. I will take a picture later :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

With all the new ski and water variants this submodels tab has become even more important. This menu is a mess… :roll_eyes:

I think it’s silly to have 5 xcub versions and 4 Cessna 172’s etc. in the aircraft menu. The menu is clunky already to navigate without multiple versions of the same aircraft causing even more clutter.

I wish the landing gear style was an option like selecting your different liveries rather than the way it’s implemented now.

Do you agree or have another thought for a better solution?

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Voted as totally agree with the idea.

When you say like the liveries, do you mean as in putting an extra tab for ‘varients’ where you can select the version want?

I have also wondered about the EFB type option many others seem to have gone for when have different variations however understand that requires the same livery which currently isn’t a shared factor on all variant of some planes

I have thought this made sense for a while though one was or another. Basically anything Asobo/Microsoft can do to help get to flying quicker is good be it better menu pages or more filters.

I certainly like that idea better of being able to change while you’re in a flight via an EFB. Right now though you can’t change aircraft once you start a flight (I know it’s doable from the developer menu) so I think it’s less likely to get implemented in that manner. An extra tab like the liveries would be simple and quick to implement and I’d be perfectly happy with that. You have the standard “with wheels” aircraft in the menu and if you want water/snow landing gear then you choose it from the tab. My goal is really to unclutter the aircraft menu.

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The aircraft selection is really painful. There is a lot of room for improvements to make it less messy. voted.

I have 100+ planes and sorting isn´t ideal.

My wishes:
New Favourite category
New Military category
Each aircraft picture in menu with small icons (gauges vs glass cockpit; autopilot vs without autopilot…)
Or possibility to make own categories :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:


That would be long overdue.
I also have a lot of planes and it’s getting more and more confusing.

+1 to the aircraft selection page listing what avionics are available in each model (e.g. G1000, G3X, G3000, etc).

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FS allow aircraft variant (ski, flotting…), it’s good but with more and more aircraft it become ridiculous when you want to select. We can particularly see that with the new Twin Otter which have 13, THIRTEEN, variant… And I easily imagine the horror for Reno Full Collection buyers.

Can we have juste one aircraft in main selection menu with a sub menu (as for livery) for selecting variant.

Some example:
XCub (3 variants)
Junkers JU52 (4 variants)
Pilatus PC-6 (4 variants)
DHC-6 Twin Otter (13 variants)

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As the title suggests, there needs to be another tab on the left of the airplane selection screen for “Model” that allows you to select between the different model varieties of the same plane. Because as it is right now there can be a dozen choices of planes that are the same thing but slightly different models (aka skis vs wheels) and that severely clogs up the plane selection screen. As it is right now there are 13 Twin Otters.


added my topic into this as well! looks like the original suggestion is back from 2020 🤦🏽
i have a feeling this may take a while to implement