New Monitor Choice?

Need a new monitor this week. Replacing my 7 year old LG 34um95 has black dead pixels spots on it . Gonna purchase MSFS 2020 this week too. My question is …anyone out there have any recommendations or use any of these ? I have a Rtx2080ti btw . Here’s what I been researching:

-Samsung 49” CRG90 . 5120x1440/120hz/4ms
-Samsung 49” Odyssey. 5120x1440/240hz/1ms
-LG 49”wl95c. 5120x1440/60hz/5ms
-Alienware 38”. 3840x1600/144hz/1ms

The Samsung odyssey & Alienware have Gsync & are IPS .

The Samsung CRG90 is VA . HDR 3000:1 . Has Freesync

The LG is IPS. Has no Gsync or Freesync

Anyone have good input ?

You probably want HDR for MSFS. The extra colour range makes a massive difference. Mine is Freesync too though I run it on an NIVISA card. Mine works fine but not all Freesync monitors will work with NVIDIA cards.

The main issue with more pixels is that you need a more powerful card to drive it. Your card is OK but I didn’t like driving a 4k monitor with my 2070 Super which is comparable to your card. I went 1440p on a 32 inch DELL myself. I built a little cockpit so my monitor is only an arms length away so I don’t feel a need for bigger but it depends on your setup of course.

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Providing your staying with nVidia: gsync > freesync > neither .

You do not need 240hz for MSFS but the gsync and 1ms on the Odyssey is nice .

There is also VR of course, though your system may not be VR ready.

I was looking at the Samsung CRG9 . It’s on sale for $1000. It is 4ms . Is that a problem? Also it’s a VA monitor . I’ve only used ips . How is the lighting for NIGHT TIME flying in MSFS 2020 using Samsung VA monitor ? Also it is HDR1000 . It has AMD Freesync 2…will this work with Nvidia card?

No it’s not… lol. RTX 2080 Ti is comparable to RTX 3080. But not 2070 Super. 2070 Super is already below 2080, and it’s already below 2080 Ti.

@RainbowYard349, I think any of these monitors are nice. If you’re into widescreen stuff. I myself personally fly with a 55" 4K HDR TV. I set everything on Ultra and I get a stable 30 fps on my RTX 2080 Ti. So it’s powerful enough to run it. Especially after the latest sim update.

At 1440p, based on your list, they’re all good in each of their own way. But I would look for other monitor that has GSync with HDR. They’re worth it.

Unless you’re planning to livestream, of course. In that case HDR is useless since the GeForce Experience doesn’t livestream HDR content. It can record videos in HDR. But it can’t livestream broadcast in HDR.

The 2080ti has almost identical performance to a RTX3070 for non RT/DLSS graphics.

Main differences:

  • 2080ti has more VRAM
  • 3070 is better at RT and DLSS (not relevant in current MSFS)
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I see there was a little ti there on second look. And that negates what I said how? That would be a much more useful comment.

I just got an Odyssey G9. I’ll hook it up this weekend and report back!

Absolutely the Odyssey is the one to get if you can swing it.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of ultrawides (16:10 or GTFO), and although computer hardware won’t hit 240fps in FS2020 for probably 20 years or so, having that high refresh rate is AMAZING for everything else. Better eye relief, in other games it’ll be silky smooth, once you go 144Hz+, you can never go back.

Also, even though the difference between 144 and 240 is noticeable, it’s not as striking as going from 60Hz to 120 or 144.

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Odyssey is a VA panel not IPS…have it and no regrets

Is there flickering ? How does Night time in the sim look, any significant Light bleed night flying ?

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How’s the ghosting?

Seems like lots of reviews talk about that

I researched this recently and chose to order a Samsung G9 Odyssey. For the price and capabilities, I felt that it is something that my current and future rigs will “grow into it” as PC parts improve. I also find it hard to pass up the much better situational awareness with the comfort of a curved screen. Similar to the original poster, I have been using a 2011 32" Toshiba, so this is a huge jump forward for me. My G9 will arrive in 3 weeks as there is a backlog on orders. I’ll report back at that time… Best wishes!

i8700K, 32Gs, NVidia 1080Ti

Amazon has it reduced to 1200 . And ships in 2 days . How is there a back log? Don’t see that info . Also Samsung 49” CRG9 is $1000 -$450 sale wow

How important are raw resolution and HDR to folks for MSFS?

I am sort of surprised how good things look (to me) on 1920 x 1200 and it makes me wonder if I just bumped up to 27" or 32" 1440p with HDR if I’d be a very happy camper, particularly as the GPU needs at 1440p are somewhat “reasonable” vs 4k/VR builds.

I have a HDR capable monitor but it was only HDR400 and seemed to have issues with the HDR10 in sim HDR turned on. Oddly HDR “On” in the Windows settings but HDR “off” in game gave better results than both on or both off.

Also be aware that HDR support in Win10in general is a bit flaky. On my setup some apps like Chrome will flicker for example and shadow play does not record properly (though OBS handled it fine).

That said, HDR does look a lot better in game, and all the issues probably could have been fixed - but my monitor is also limited to HDR on DP only and freesync on HDMI only so I eventually opted for the freesync and no HDR.

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So would you say “wait” on HDR for now unless I’m getting more than HDR400?

What about screen size in general?

Any feelings overall?

I have been using the CRG9 for some time now with a 2080ti and am completely satisfied. There is some distortion at the outer edges of all the wide aspect monitors and some find that annoying.

It has freesync and shows up as gsync compatible, but is not one of the monitors nVidea has “certified”. I have been running it with vsync turned off. It has HDR10, but I don’t use it. It is a 120hz monitor which is more than enough for MSFS. I get low 30’s on ultra and low 40’s on high-end everywhere but over large cities where it will drop into the high 20’s. I haven’t experienced any screen-tearing thus far.

Odyssey could be even better experience because of the greater curvature. As an aside, in the current xPlane, out over the water it will run right up to the 120fps max.

In short, I’m happy with this option and if you can get a good price on either of the Samsung choices…I’d go for it.


Isn’t that the 49" one?

(way too big for my space unfortunately - even the 38" UWS ones would be a real push)