New MSFS 2020 - Cessna L-19 Bird Dog to be released today

That is a must buy I would say.


LOL … you do have issues dont you :slight_smile:

Read on McBeth Read On

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How anyone who considers themselves a professional developer would consider that a remotely appropriate way to market a product, I have no idea.


it is ONE way … not the Only way :slight_smile:
I do However, Thank you and I do appreciate your business advise

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Not a good review?

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Would you say ground handling is more realistic than the default taildraggers?

Also curious if they were able to have adverse yaw in the flight model, or if that’s an issue beyond the default aircraft.

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It’s Blackbox… with regard to your Airbuses you can’t be careful enough believing anything. Hard earned reputation :wink: And certainly not our fault.

I have it now and it is really fun to fly, out of an airport to a lake, river, whatever, and then back.


I found the default ones quite easyr to keep straight and you don’t really have to fly the tail too much at low speed. This one has a big engine, 6 cylinder and 213 HP so the yaw is quite pronounced once the tail comes unstuck. It needs some pedal dancing especially with a cross wind. It’s all good clean fun though! :slightly_smiling_face:

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To be honest what does this have to do with Airbus? Blackbox Simulations also have this aircraft and two other GA aircraft in P3D/FSX and they are good offerings too.

I have just purchased and installed this aircraft but have been unable to find any instructions and none of the switches seem to work so I can’t start it. I have contacted the developer for advice!

It’s a reputation of selling incomplete airplanes and never completing them. Again: A reputation. I have never tried any BB airplanes and before I purchase something from a dev with that reputation I have a much closer look at reviews than I would normally. So it will necessarily require independant reviewers.


All their products for FSX and P3D have fully functional demo versions - why rely on other peoples opinions when you can try them yourself?

I don’t need to try these aircraft, the whole community knows about the busses. Go whereever you want, you’ll read the same things everywhere. If there was room for doubt I’d certainly try it. Anyway, it’s about the Cessna here and again there is a voice that it’s incomplete. Hence I’ll wait for some reviews of - again - independant and known reviewers. After all the shared link isnÄt even a product site but a login request.


Not all of us have FSX or P3D

This one doesn’t have demo. The other people who have tried it, can confirm what phobos says ?

Do battery, alternator, pitot heat and fuel pump switches work ?
Does the knob to adjust the altimeter work ?

Some people need to be told what to think rather than find out for themselves.


wanna buy me a Cessna? I’d like to find it out myself. But I’d NOT like to throw my money out of the window… That’s what reviews are there for. Got the point?


Yea, I see this all the time in the Flight Simulation community and often the only thing the “Reviewers” actually flew was a kite…

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So you are an experienced pilot, but unable to tell if the switches work … interesting