New Navigraph toolbar beta

Finally they added navigraph integration into the toolbar so you can use it in VR. Final piece of the puzzle is vpilot in the toolbar.


Finally, yes! And I agree with VPilot. Unfortunately that’s unlikely to happen. The panels are just web apps.

well i kept crashing clicking “ready to fly” and i figured out why

its currently not compatible with the FSKneeboard app by christian1984 so remove that for now until they fix it

also logged me out once and then crashed when i reopened it, so theres clearly some bugs to be worked out

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Wow, this is excellent news, will have to try it later!

Well, thats probably the the biggest progress since invention of jet engines. Awesome!

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Best thing since sliced bread!

Might be helpful if anyone is wondering what it’s like in VR. - removing video link to respect new content creator forum section rules.

It’s awesome. As below - having to log in again is frustrating and that the overlays reset when you change views or open/close.

I was able to read ok - I just drag it closer to my face.

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It is awesome indeed. I found three shortcomings, though

  1. I have to log in for every flight. Because I can’t scan the QR in VR mode, I have to open the website, memorize the code and manually enter it into the site. I could do that in 2D using the QR scan, and yes that works, but as soon as I switch to VR it asks my to sign in again.

  2. The in-game navigraph app shows a “can’t connect to simulator” error.

  3. Every time I minimize the navigraph inset, and remaximize it, the app goes to its default map. It doesn’t memorize the content it displays before minimization…

Are there any workarounds to these problems?


Same! It is crashing for me when I select “ready to fly”. I would report it on the navigraph forums

my biggest issue is readability. The only way you can actually read it is if you grab the corner with the mouse make it bigger and hold it. as soon as you let go of the mouse, it gets really small again. using the scroll wheel doesn’t make the font larger either. It does for a split second, but then reverts to the regular font size

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I had this problem, exited out of the sim, closed Symlink and restarted it. It’s working now. However, in my case I noticed the actual desktop Charts app couldn’t connect either so not sure if my issue was the same or not.

edit: When I restarted Symlink it asked me to log in again.

if you have the game in 4k, the font doesn’t scale properly and will be almost impossible to read in vr. if you switch the game to 1440p, the text becomes legible.

However, the behavior where zooming in with the scroll wheel or enlarging it with the mouse only increases the font size for a split second/before letting go of the mouse still exists. It still reverts the font to default size.

Hi all,

For those who have experienced CTD with the in-game panel when pressing Ready to Fly, please launch the Navigraph Navdata Center and update the in-game panel to v 0.2 and let us know if it works better.

Kind regards,



That sounds like the MSFS issue that was introduced 2-3 updates ago, where the scaling of labels/nameplates in VR is affected by the resolution of the 2d screen rather than by the resolution of the VR headset that you are using.

there must be some reason why Asobo have yet to fix this, but maybe Navigraph can encourage them to do so??

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Hi, would you please update your in-game panel to v0.2 and test it again?

Will do, thanks! I’ll report back shortly.

Also, I believe aerosoft renamed their aircraft folder from “aerosoft-crj” to “aerosoft-aircraft-crj-550-700” this update; not renaming to the old name causes an extraction error in navigraph navdata center, while if renamed to “aerosoft-crj” it updates/installs succesfully.

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Yes, this is renaming is something new and unexpected which we are discussing in our forum right now. Thanks for the heads up!


The CTDs have stopped! Awesome job with 0.2. The only issue left is that upon close, the panel always signs you out and you have to sign in again. Annoying, but manageable…

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Oh my God! Finally, How long have I been waiting for this moment!
Thank you! Already started using.
Good luck with Beta!