New Nvidia Driver 461.40

Installing now. Share your thoughts on performance improvement, graphical changes, etc, if any.


Installed new 461.40 driver.

Taking about 20 minutes to load the FS2020 program.

Taking very long time for the bottom blue status line
to crawl across the screen.

Was not like this on 461.09.

Plane (CJ4) Cockpit finally displays.
Everything acts like it is in slow motion.

Not flyable.

I already had this this afternoon with 461.09 (and supposedly outdated data packages). It wasn’t 20 minutes, but it was significantly longer than usual at 5 minutes. I then restarted the MFS after 1 hour and everything was fine again. With me, everything is as usual with 461.40.

Most cases the new drivers offers no improvement in MSFS.You either get the same performance or things get worse.Right now I find the most stable to be 457.30 at least on my setup.


No thanks, I don’t only play MFS, but also other games (like most here) that benefit from new drivers.

Btw: If I were to use such an outdated driver, I would at least install one without security holes. Then the only choice is between 452.77 or anything from 461.09 upwards.
Security Bulletin: NVIDIA GPU Display Driver - January 2021 | NVIDIA (


No difference here, good or bad.

Terrible leaky driver here (tanking GPU memory, GTX1080ti). Last driver release was hopeless too, broke my Davinci Resolve and MSFS, I’m sticking with the 460.89.

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Did you mean 451.77. There is no 452.77 on nVidia site…


The security bulletin doesn’t say this.

457.30 and 457.51 are safe and include the latest security fixes (but 446.14 and 452.06 don’t)

More info: Security Bulletin: NVidia GPU Display Driver - January 2021

What NVidia Drivers are recommended for VR

(unless I’ve read it wrongly)

I wounder if 452.77 will yield any performance improvement

no, it won’t…same as the last 10 versions…nothing different

Its the drivers coming in Feb and after that you should be eyeing for performance.

457.30 still the best for msfs2020. Dont know why Nvidia no more improve for msfs2020 :face_vomiting:


Serious Trouble here going from Nvidia Driver
461.09 to 461.40.

i9-9900K, GTX 1660TI, 32GB, Z390 MB

I had previously installed 461.09. No problem with some improvements.

461.40 installed and FS2020 runs at a CRAWL. 20-30 minutes to load and then forever to react to a mouse click as in “Select Departure Airport”.

Reboot and installed 461.09. No change.
No idea what the driver changed in FS2020.

Everything in PC works as normal except FS2020.

I don’t even know where to start looking. Can’t get to the FS2020 Configuration Screens.

Anyone with suggestions will be very appreciated.

Dreading to have to re-install FS2020.

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If it is the driver try rolling back; google “nvidia driver rollback”

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this sounds to me like it is recompiling the shaders and saving them to cache.

I rolled back to last driver. This one stole some frames and gave me shimmering trees. Immediately noticeable. 10900k/3090.

Thanks for your response.
Anything I can do?

I just left a copy of my post on the Geforce Experience Driver
site as “Discussion”.

As a test, try disabling these two drivers in Device Manager (assuming you are not using nVidia for your sound output).


When sound drivers go AWOL, it brings many apps which use sound to a crawl. I experience this often here with other sound drivers I use, and sorting the sound drivers always gets the system back to full speed.

These two nVidia sound drivers may have been updated in the latest version and may be causing trouble like you report. It is exactly the behaviour I see when my sound drivers go bad.

Thanks, Nerbulus, I did and I’m going to do it now.

Anyone interested, this is from Nvidia site:

Driver Rollback/Removal Instructions
Option 1: Roll Back To Your Previous Driver:

If you installed your current driver without first uninstalling the previous version, you can simply roll back your driver to the previous version using these steps:

From :


Thank you for your interest in Windows 10.

To rollback the driver, you may follow the steps below:

  • Press Windows + R on the desktop screen.
  • Type devmgmt.msc and hit enter.
  • Expand the category you want and right click on the driver and select properties.
  • Navigate to driver tab and click on RollBack driver.

Hope this information was helpful.

Sahil Bali

Driver would not rollback.
Deleted either driver or device.
installed 461.09 driver.

Didn’t help.