New Nvidia Driver 461.40

I believe you rather read NVidia docs instead of because IIRC NVidia is explicitly telling to never roll back via device drivers…

How to install Nvidia drivers properly when trying out different versions

This is a good point. I’m wondering what could be the use of these sound and usb drivers anyhow, and here is what I’m used to recommending:

Tip : When installing NVidia driver, choose “Custom Installation” and select only “Core Driver files” and “NVidia Physics” (deselect all other options and never install GeForce Experience - see below).

What NVidia Drivers are recommended for VR

Thanks for the suggestion.
Didn’t help.

I am going to delete FS2020 tomorrow
and do a clean install.

Thanks, I’ll follow your advice in the future.

Grateful to have you watching over us.

Go with God. (I am ex Marine)

Experiencing crashes in MSFS after installing this driver update ( 1080ti 11GB ) .

I have weird sound problems (?) since the Nvidia update. Sound volumes change all the time from normal loud to muffled. Didn’t have that before. Also experienced the first CTD in a long, long time (probably in 2 months).

Running RTX 2060 super.

Initially graphics looked bad with lots of jaggy textures. For some reason all my FS graphic settings were reset . So I changed them all back to my preference.

No issues , did 2 hr flight. Although it does seems many 2-3 fps slower. Panning around 32nx cockpit with mouse doesn’t seem as smooth… But then again I flew out of payware zurich…

I always back up my installation with Acronis before making any drastic changes or adding new drivers, I have at least three backups that I can go back to. My PC is my work station for my job (Media Producer) so I can’t afford any major set backs when updating stuff. The last few drivers from Nvidia have had issues not just with MSFS but other software too (CUDA video engine). It will get to a stage for me where I will have to update drivers to keep my other software running and MSFS will have to take a back seat. Option then will be to invest in a new second rig for MSFS or seriously consider the Xbox X route.

Wrong. The security bulletin for Windows says:

Version 461.09 and higher contain the security update. In addition, the following drivers have been revised, should you need an older one:

  1. Explicitly GeForce general: only version 461.09 and higher

  2. Explicit NVIDIA RTX / Quadro, NVS: only version 461.09 , 452.77 and 392.63

  3. Explicit Tesla: only version 461.09 , 452.77 and 427.11

All versions between each of the 3 revised drivers are unsafe. This can also be seen in the driver 452.77 NVIDIA DRIVERS Data Center Driver for Windows WHQL . This old driver was re-released on 2021.1.7. The driver before 452.06 (2020.8.17) and after 456.38 (2020.9.17) was not revised. NVidia only revised the above drivers and made them safe, otherwise they would have had to revise all previous drivers.

It’s not my fault if NVidia doesn’t include 452.77 in their archive. But google finds it immediately:
NVIDIA DRIVERS Data Center Driver for Windows WHQL
NVIDIA DRIVERS Quadro Desktop/Quadro Notebook Driver Release 450 WHQL
and so forth … But who wants such an old driver? The safest thing to do is to use 461.09 and higher. Unless VR is unplayable.

I believe we are both wrong unfortunately, and I certainly have read it wrongly:

I didn’t catch “NVIDIA RTX/Quadro, NVS” is not any “RTX” driver, but the Quadro ones whereas what most of us are using is the GeForce driver.

The bulletin is not specifically indicating there is only a single version with the security fixes, it is in fact any version prior the one they say, per major driver version number, which doesn’t have the security fixes. Any other version 45x.xx >= 452.77 is supposed to have the fixes, if any, not just 452.77 for example.

Problem resolved with faulty 461.40 Nvidia Driver causing FS2020 to be unflyable.
i9-9900K, GTX 1660TI, 32GB
FS2020 crawling very slow and mouse click not registering.

Could not rollback driver.
Uninstalled driver and re-installed 461.09.
Did not help. Still unflyable.

FS2020 installed in D:\FS2020. From Windows Store.
Planned to delete D:\FS2020 and go to Store to reinstall it.

I went to Win 10 “Settings, Apps” and uninstalled “Microsoft Flight Simulator”.
I went to “Windows Store” and clicked “Install” on “FS Deluxe”.
It downloaded the initial 1.06 GB.
Then started loading FS2020.
FS2020 works fine now (on 461.09).

Main Point is:

Before, I deleted the D:\FS2020 directory and then went to MS Store and installed it.
Download - 1.06GB plus the additional 109GB. (many hours)

Go to “Settings, Apps” and uninstall FS2020
Download - 1.06 GB (15 minutes)
FS2020 is now working well like it did before.

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oh my god… i think i will stay with the 461.09… i am lucky to play the game without crashes now ! willl wait for news about driver update

Yes. I jumped too fast and learned a lesson.

I can’t see how a driver gets released if it causes a problem like mine. 461.09 was fine. Why would 461.40 be so bad?

Of course, anyone would think there must be something weird about my particular PC to cause the problem.

But my PC is completely standard with everything installed correctly. Win 10, MS Office 365, Acronis B/U, Dashlane, Chrome Browser, FS2020.

It is clearly visible in the table under Windows. You have an NVidia RTX 20xx or 30xx? Then behind 461.09 all versions are affected except the drivers 452.77 and 392.63 updated on 7.1.2021. You have an NVidia GTX 10xx? Then all drivers before 461.09 are affected.

Do the work and search for the drivers 452.77 and 392.63. When were these updated? Only the specified drivers were updated, all others have the security vulnerability. It does not mean that the rest do not have the vulnerability. That’s why 461.09 was released without optimisations for games.

Maybe not as clear as that! Their table is misleading to me:

Software Products: NVIDIA RTX/Quadro, NVS
Affected: All versions prior to 452.77

This means to me any version after and including 452.77 is not affected.

Updated driver version: 452.77

You can interpret this as only 452.77 in isolation, or any from 452.77 and above when considering both infos.

Otherwise, there would also be only 461.09 which has the corrections, but not any other driver with a higher version number like the latest 461.40?

I give up. :roll_eyes:

I wish I’d seen this thread earlier. I upgraded to 461.40, along with tweaking other bits to try and squeeze out performance. FPS dropped to low 20’s (from 40’s). Then spent next 30 mins undoing everything before I remembered the driver upgrade. Rolled back to previous driver and everything ok again!


461.40 is working better for me than anything has to date. I am averaging 29 - 38 FPS with a 2060 equipped laptop and an original quest. Here is what I said about it In another thread, and I detailed my settings.

Glad I have read all these posts. My rig works fine right now - stable fast FPS, good rendering, so I won’t be risking that.

I have a 3080 - so must be an issue specific to this GPU?