New Nvidia Driver 466.11

let me guess: 457.30 still the best?

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You really open a new topic for that???


I just tried it. HAGS off and it introduced stuttering that I didn’t have. Reverting.

I’ve been trying to get a clear and “current” idea which driver is currently “best” as felt by the community.

this thread might not be it but can anyone point me in the right direction?

latest is always the best. unless it causes issues, then the second latest is the best. simple as that.


new Nvidia driver released - if someone with a 2080 Super has tried it could you please post results or problems here?

the last 2 drivers released by Nvidia caused problems with MSFS (as soon as the flight was loaded and just as the ‘ready to fly’ button was lit the GPU temps spiked and all my case fans and GPU fans went to 100%)
I have reverted to 461.72 until Nvidia responds to my support ticket.

I’m running a 2080 Super, and according to my preliminary tests, it looks like I’ll finally abandon the 457.30 for the new 466.11. I have a regular test flight from KLAS to KLAX, and I found a couple of areas of stutters to be noticeably reduced using the default settings with the 466.11.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to reply - thank you.
did you happen to experience the temperature spikes and fan activity that I did with the previous two driver versions to this most recent one?

Why fly when you can uninstall a driver , reboot, install a driver, feel the elation of a 0.5 fps or 10ms improvement or the pain and suffering of a stutter at 5,000 feet!


I always use the latest drivers, never have any trouble doing that, wow…i guess you also use win 7


fonctionne bien pour moi aussi avec 1080TI et HAGS off.

avant, j’avais avec le 457,30.
et celui-ci fonctionne bien pour moi.
Quoi qu’il en soit, nous aurons toujours + ou - bégaiement.

Why wiuld you turn off HAGS anyway? Serious question.

On my system it’s not yielding positive results. A lot more fluid with it off in VR with the G2, which is primarily how I enjoy the sim.

Ah, VR. Okey then i understand :slight_smile:

Not who you asked, but I totally noticed this. Went back to 457.30 for now. It’s really frustrating!

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Aha? NVidia adapts the driver for the MFS and VR and writes in the Notes … :

Changes and Fixed Issues in Version 466.11:

  • [VR]: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 VR may stutter if Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling
    is disabled. [3246674]

… and you now disable HAGS?

Edit: Ahh I understand: With HAGS deactivated, the MFS in VR jerked and this is now fixed?!

I never experienced the stuttering referenced in the new driver notes from previous builds. But with the newest build I did get significant stuttering with HAGS off around PHX in the aerosoft CRJ. With HAGS on its much worse for me. So 465.89 Acceleration Off in VR is pretty nice at the moment. I run a Lenovo 15” 7i i9 10980 with a RTX2080 32GB Ram. Runs things pretty well for a lappy. Wonder if I could upgrade the GPU on this thing at some point? Not much info on that at the moment.

I’m running 461.72 now - after using 457.30 as I think that’s the one that was active or current when I bought the sim.
I’m on Windows10 with an I7-10700k

Thank you for your reply above

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